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3 Tips For Creating Healthy Homemade Dog Food For Your Dog

It is interesting that the number one reason homemade dog food is said to be popular is because many people don’t like commercial pet foods. Many are even concerned with the ingredients in them. Some are concerned with the additives and fillers in many commercial brands that dogs are often fed. And some simply just do not like the taste of commercially made food.

Now the best bit about making homemade dog food, like making anything else at home for yourself, is you actually know what’s in the dog food, and none of that toxic gelatinous stuff in the canned stuff. But it’s important to note that dogs also have different nutritional needs than humans, including:

* Protein. Dogs need protein to grow, stay healthy, and build muscle. Commercial food doesn’t always give the proper amounts. Make sure the food has a good balance of protein. Also make sure the food doesn’t contain lots of salt.

* Fats. Just like humans, dogs need fat to function properly. Dogs also get sick from too much fat in their food, so it’s important to watch the fat content. Again, it’s best to make sure your dog food contains the right proportions of fat and protein.

* Carbs. Dogs need carbohydrates to maintain their energy and immune system. Commercial dog foods don’t always provide the proper amounts of these essential nutrients. Again, it’s important to be watchful of how much carbohydrate you feed your dog.

Most homemade dog food is based around beef, chicken, vegetables, or fruits. If you can get your hands on raw meat, that’s even better. Raw meat has the most nutrients available. Be sure to include bones for additional nutritional value.

Homemade dog food should include some sort of a vitamin supplement. Today, many dogs are getting vitamins and other supplements because of the increased interest in holistic healing. Some dog foods aren’t very well-balanced. A homemade diet may not contain enough vitamins for optimal dog health. Try to find a commercially produced vitamin supplement if necessary.

Homemade dog food is not only healthier and more nutritious than store-bought brands, but it’s also cheaper. You can adjust the taste to your liking. Many dogs enjoy the convenience and variety that homemade dog food provides. It’s worth it for your dog’s health and happiness.

There are a few things to keep in mind when making homemade dog food. Dogs don’t always like the taste of things. They have their own individual tastes. Use common sense when making a recipe. If your dog hates the dish, chances are he won’t eat it.

The number one rule in homemade dog food recipes is that they should be made at home. Don’t subject your dog to an unknown manufacturer. Also, be sure that you read all of the directions. Even if you think the recipe says you shouldn’t need anything extra, don’t be stubborn and add it anyway. Your dog will thank you someday. (And if he doesn’t thank you right away, he’ll appreciate the reward later.)

It’s easy to overeat when you’re a dog owner. Just because your dog loves cheese, don’t chow down on him a third cheese slice when he’s reaching his maximum size. The same holds true with fats and sweets. Dogs can be sensitive to artificial flavors and colors, so stay away from added sugar or high-fat foods. Also, watch your dog’s portion sizes. If you make your dog a half cup, he won’t eat too much at once, but a larger portion at once would be a health disaster.

You should give your dog food that’s specifically formulated for dogs. This can be found on the labels of commercially made dog food. The best kind is the organic variety. Organic is less likely to have chemicals and other preservatives in it, which can be harmful to your dog’s health. A third option is to buy a human-grade dog food from a pet store or farmer’s market. Human-grade means the ingredients have been verified to be healthy for humans as well as dogs.

If you follow these three tips, you’ll be sure to have a happy and healthy dog. Your dog will have enough energy to run around, play, and exercise without feeling overwhelmed. It will also have the right amount of nutrition it needs to maintain its good health and happiness throughout its life. And most importantly, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve created homemade dog food yourself, which is something any dog owner can appreciate.

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