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A Beginner’s Guide to Teaching Your Dog How to Sit

You can train your dog to sit for any number of reasons and there is a technique to train the dog to sit that should prove successful. Training dogs in general can be a very enjoyable experience. Teaching them new tricks and commands can be exciting, but there is nothing more exciting than seeing them actually perform the task you ask of them. Here are some tips on training dogs to sit so that your dog can learn and practice these basic techniques.

The first thing you must do is establish the proper sitting position. Your dog’s position should be supported by his or her back. Your dog should be able to see the entire room he or she is in. If your dog cannot see an entire area, then they may “freeze” at that spot in confusion. It is important to teach your dog to relax in this position as relaxation is one of the most crucial tools for teaching dogs how to sit.

If your dog learns how to sit in this manner, you will have successfully trained your dog to sit on command. Now it is time to move into the next position. Once your dog has learned to relax in the previous sitting position, you should begin moving the head towards the ground until your dog’s head touches the ground in a relaxed position.

As your dog relaxes in that position, you should slowly raise their back up while making sure the dog’s body stays still. Keep your arms hanging down in a relaxing fashion as you guide the dog’s body into the appropriate sitting position. Do not rush through this part of the training. Start off with small steps and gradually increase the distance between the two points.

As your dog matures, you may want to move on to a head sit. To teach dogs how to sit on their heads, you must first ask them to sit on their own. Place a dog treat such as a piece of cooked chicken on the head so they will learn to stay balanced on their head. Then instruct your dog to sit down on your lap. The command for this step should be “sit.”

As the dog sits down on your lap, you should praise your dog verbally while holding your hand just above the dog’s head. Be sure not to move your hand too far above the dog’s head as you may accidentally run your fingers through your dog’s hair. In addition to praising your dog, you should offer a treat as well. After your dog learns to sit on his own, you should slowly move the dog’s head up and down until your dog is sitting comfortably in the desired position.

The final step of this procedure is to move onto a standing position. During this step, you should instruct your dog to sit again, but this time in a forward position. You should keep a small treat within reach as you instruct your dog to sit. Once your dog has followed your command, you should again offer a treat and praise your dog.

This technique to train the dog to sit can take some time, but you should be consistent with your dog’s learning. If you are having difficulty with this particular technique, you may want to speak to your veterinarian for assistance. Dog training can be a very fun experience, once you understand how your dog thinks. By following this simple guide, you can train your dog to sit without having to resort to physical violence. Training dogs can be an enjoyable experience that will end up positively transforming your pet into an obedient companion.

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