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A Few Simple Commands to Teach Your Dog

Teaching your dog to sit is probably one of the easiest dog commands to teach your dog, so making it an important one to begin with. A dog that learns the Sit command will be easier and calmer to manage around other people, as well as other dogs, than dogs that are not taught this very basic command. This means that teaching your dog the Sit command will make your life a lot easier when you take him or her to visit other people, guests, or other dogs. It will also mean that your dog will enjoy being a part of all the activities that take place in your home.

There are different Sit commands to teach your dog depending on the breed and physical structure of your dog. Poodles need to learn how to sit before they can come around dogs, while a Bulldog can learn the command “stay” without any difficulty. Bulldogs and Dobermans learn commands such as “sit” and “stay” easily because they have a high intelligence and a highly developed sense of smell. If your dog has a high level of intelligence, you may find it easier to train them to follow simple commands to teach your dog free range or even just simple tricks.

When you first start to teach your dog’s these simple yet important dog commands, you are going to want to start out with small commands such as “sit” and “come”. As your dogs get used to learning the commands, you can raise your level of commands to more difficult commands, such as “speak” and “speak louder”. These last two commands to teach your dog will require a lot of repetition and perseverance on your part. Once your dog’s mind has been trained, you will then be able to raise the level of commands to teach your dog more complicated tasks.

The first step in how to teach your dog basic commands is to realize that dogs are actually animals that have learned to obey humans. This means that your dog is going to react negatively if you say something to them that they are going to completely disagree with. That said, there are a few basic commands that your dog will respond well to, and these include sit and down. Once your dog has mastered these basic commands, you can introduce other simple tasks such as heel and up.

The next step in how to teach your dog these basic commands is to begin by using a clicker. When you click the clicker, your dog will hear the command and follow it. To teach this command, you will click in four times, followed by one repetition. I recommend using the clicker to train your dog when they are young so that their minds won’t have to work as hard to do the repeat after the click. Eventually, they will get the repetition part down really quickly.

Another basic command that can be very useful for your dog is to leash walk. When you leash walk, you tell your dog where you want him to go, and then you let him do it. You never have to push your dog, and you never have to correct him. He will simply move towards an object or space on his own accord. For this command to work, it is highly recommended that you use a leash, and not just any leash. The leash you use should be loose enough to allow him to move at his own pace, but also strong enough to hold him still.

The final command on this list is the classic command of the closed hand. This command is more complicated than the previous ones, because you are praising your dog while he performs the action. For this command to work, you need to start by holding the treat in your open palm. Then say the word close while lowering the treat into your lap, and then raise your open hand to give your dog the reward.

As you can see, there are a lot of commands to teach your dog. In order to make your dog learn the best commands, it is highly recommended that you practice the commands several times each day and always reward your dog while he performs them correctly. Eventually, your dog will learn all the commands you teach him, and you will no longer have to constantly correct him, and he will instead be performing them instinctively. Good luck!

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