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Are You Feeding Your Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach?

Finding good dog food for sensitive stomach linings can be a challenge. The first thing you need to remember is that not all dogs have the same allergic reactions to certain types of foods. Just remember that when your dog has severe GI problems, they may need a doctor-prescribed diet to ensure that they feel well. This is especially true if your dog’s sensitive stomach problems are caused by allergies. You should not rely on dog food for sensitive stomach alone, but consult with your vet and pet store nutritionists for suggestions.

Many holistic select dog foods contain wheat as an ingredient. While many vets believe that wheat should be avoided as much as possible, some dogs simply react poorly to wheat. Holistic select diets use only a minimal amount of wheat and other gluten-free and non-allergenic ingredients to provide a balanced diet for your dog. In general, these diets avoid the use of any synthetic chemicals in their formulations.

Some breeds of dogs have sensitive stomachs and can suffer from problems such as flatulence, diarrhea, and stomach ulcers. These can all be treated by feeding your dog a special diet, which contains the best foods for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Gluten free diets are especially good for dogs with gluten allergies, although any dog can benefit from a good quality dog food for sensitive stomach. Gluten free dog food for dogs are available at veterinary clinics, dog food stores, and online sources.

The prebiotic fiber is available in dog food for sensitive stomach in the form of bovine prebiotic fiber. This substance is found in the digestion process and is beneficial to both your dog’s digestive health and the health of its skin. The digestive process occurs after the digestion of proteins and fats, and the presence of prebiotics in the food helps to speed up this process so that your dog will digest its food more quickly and efficiently, resulting in a reduction of gastric distress and skin problems.

Another food that is helpful in dealing with dog stomach problems is rice. It is often used to add flavor and texture to dry food. Rice also has carbohydrates, which provide fuel for the digestive tract. Because it has fiber, rice is a good source of dietary fiber for dogs. It can cause diarrhea if you feed it to your dog on a regular basis; therefore, you should alternate between cooked and dry food.

Every dog owner should learn about the elements of a good canine elimination diet. These elements include protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytochemicals. Feeding your dog a high-quality canned dog food or a quality homemade premium kibble can help your dog maintain good health and a healthy coat.

Feeding your dog a nutritionally sound homemade high-grade kibble combined with homemade essential oils like jojoba and tea tree oil can help alleviate some of the symptoms, your dog might be experiencing. Adding a small amount of a digestive enzyme supplement like Vitalzym is also a good idea. Because dogs are capable of using many of their own natural enzymes, an enzyme supplement like Vitalzym can help them digest foods easier and faster.

A single source natural nutritional supplement can be very beneficial. However, if you feed your dog commercially manufactured dog food, you may not always be getting the entire spectrum of essential nutrients. In addition, commercial dog foods can contain chemical preservatives, dyes, and artificial flavors, which can cause digestive upset for your dog. To ensure your dog gets the best possible health, choose a turkey, chicken, rice, and dry food from a reputable company that emphasizes wholesome, and natural ingredients.

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