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Basic Dog Commands – Teaching Your Puppy Simple Commands

Teaching your dog the first few basic dog commands is probably one of the most vital parts of dog training, if not the most vital. Without those basic commands, your dog simply has no means to relate with you, the master, or what you’re saying. Dogs have no concept of time or priorities. That’s just how they are. He needs to know that you will always be right there beside him, but beyond that, he doesn’t really care. So if you want to get him to obey you and follow your commands, you need to start with the basics.

Teaching your dog the basic dog commands like stay, heel, and lie down is one of the key steps to dog training. Without those basic commands, your dog simply has no means of relating to you, the master, or where you’re sitting. Teach him the word sit first, then the command to stay and then the command to heel. These three commands are the most important for your dog to learn, and will be the foundation for teaching other more advanced dog training commands.

Before you can begin to teach him the other basic dog commands, however, he must be comfortable being trained by you. This will take a little time, but bear in mind that dogs are not easily trained. They want to please their masters, but they also have a desire to buck the master at every turn. If you force them to obey you or ignore your commands, they’ll become agitated and angry.

You may feel that all you need to do is take your dog to the park, put on some music, have him sit down next to you on the sofa and practice his heel command. However, this is not the best way for you to train your dog. First, because dogs don’t learn from what you tell them, but rather by what they hear. If you make a point of always having your dog on your lap and then say the heel command while sitting on the floor, your dog is going to hear it and interpret it as you tell him to keep his paws up. He will undoubtedly try to jump up on you, but he won’t learn what it means to heal.

To get him to learn the basic dog commands such as sit, stay, heel and down, you must go through this process one step at a time. The first technique is to get your dog used to being on your lap, on your hands and on you. You may find it helpful to place a doggy treat in his crate during this time. Also, have some treats ready just in case your dog gets wild and jumps up on you. You may have to catch him a few times before he learns this technique.

The second technique of basic dog commands deals with getting your dog to heel whenever you command him. To begin, you want to begin by using only your voice. Your dog should not hear you use your verbal commands. So, when you sit down on the floor, make sure that your dog hears your voice. Have some treats ready and offer your hand in a gesture similar to inviting him to sit. He will know that you mean business if he knows that your hand is out in front of him.

When your dog is standing still, you are now ready to begin the next step of basic dog commands. Now, use your dominant hand and begin to command your dog to sit. Repeat this technique until your dog understands that it is his duty to sit. Once your dog has begun to understand that he must sit whenever commanded, this is the time to introduce the verbal commands.

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