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Border Collies: What the Best Dog Breeds Are

If you are thinking of bringing a new member into your family, then you may be looking at the best dog breeds to add to your home. It is important to make sure that you have the right mix of dog in order for this to work out well. First of all, one of the first considerations that you should put into play when you are deciding on which breed is best for you is the size of your family. While certain dog breeds will work well no matter what size your family is, other dog breeds are better suited for a small family. This means that there are some smaller dog breeds that are best suited to having children of a certain age.

Smaller dog breeds such as the Chihuahua or the Yorkie are best for those who do not want to deal with housebreaking their dogs or having outdoor exercise. The Chihuahua is very energetic and will chase after small children, which can be a bit much for some parents. These energetic dogs also have a reputation of being noisy, so small kids in the house can create quite a bit of noise for the Chihuahua. For those parents who do not wish to deal with housebreaking, but still want their children to get outside and play, then the Yorkshire terrier is best.

Old English bulldogs are famous for their excellent temperament, agility, and affectionate nature. This makes them great dog breeds to have around children, but because they have a propensity to be hostile towards new people if they are not accustomed to anyone, they are not the best dog breeds to have as pets. This does not mean that you cannot own an English bulldog as a pet though. There are plenty of different personality traits of these dogs that make them very special pets.

If you have young children, then the Old English bulldog makes an ideal pet for them to interact and play with. These energetic dogs love to play and run around, and they can actually take up as much physical activity as your child. Your kids can spend hours playing with their energetic bulldog pup and not worry about him ripping up your couch or shoes. He will love having his own ball or paper, and he can have his favorite toy with him anytime. These are two of the most important things that your bulldog pup needs for his active lifestyle.

One other good idea for this breed is to purchase a golden retriever mix. A golden retriever mixed with a poodle can be a wonderful addition to any family. The best golden retriever mixes are usually those that come from the same breed – American Pit Bull Terrier and the poodle. This way, you can be sure to get a dog that has been bred specifically to be a poodle and vice versa. A poodle can still have her white coat, and she will still look just as gorgeous as a regular poodle.

Another factor to consider is your dog’s coat type. Most dogs will have either a long or short hair coat, but there are some differences when it comes to coat type among different breeds. There is the Long-coat type, which is usually one or two shades darker than its counterparts, and this breed is known as a “poodle” because of its somewhat long and silky feel. It is said to resemble the coat of a Poodle, and almost always possesses a sweet personality. This is another reason why many first-time owners fall in love with this breed.

The next consideration for this breed is grooming. Grooming doesn’t have to be a hard chore. A poodle is typically very gentle and will easily get along with most people. Their coats are typically silky and light, and they only require a simple bathe every two weeks to keep them looking fresh and vibrant. This type of dog also tends to shed less than other breeds. They don’t normally need to be bathed more than once or twice per year.

The last trait, this breed is known for is their obedience. This dog is highly intelligent and is known to be able to be trained to do just about anything, including working in law enforcement, search-and-rescue, or even as a service dog for the disabled. In terms of behavior, border collies tend to be more obedient than their long coated counterparts, and they do not have many behavioral problems common to the breed. The only behavioral issue this dog has that may concern you is excessive barking, but as long as it is not excessive barking, this should not be a problem for most owners. With proper training and positive reinforcement, this dog breed can make an excellent pet and one that is truly worth the cost of purchasing from a reputable breeder.

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