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Can I Crate a Dog Over 12 Hours?

Many people wonder “can I crate a dog over the internet?”. They see that the answer is yes, but that some dogs cannot be crate trained very easily. This is a very common issue with large dogs. Large dogs are generally strong and have a very good instinct about where they “stand”.

These dogs will want to be in their “zone”, and if you try to leave them in their own zone for too long they get confused and either become aggressive or nervous. They might even snap at you or other humans that get too close to them. Most large dogs are very smart and have a natural instinct about where they “stand” so it shouldn’t be a problem to crate train these dogs.

The key to crate training a large dog is consistency. You should never let your dog get out of its crate without going back inside to “put it back in its zone”. If you let your dog go outside and come back inside to get it’s meal then that dog isn’t getting enough time out of its crate to relieve itself. You will need to do this consistently, day after day until your dog understands that going into its crate and “putting it in its zone” means that the dog needs to relieve itself. If you don’t do this then you will never get your large dog to understand that going into its crate will get it out. If you don’t do this and you leave the dog alone in its crate all day then this will be the beginning stages of Separation Anxiety Disorder (SAD).

Another factor that you need to consider is that dogs have a natural urge to want to please their owners. If you leave something alone in the house and your dog takes care of it then this is a sign that the dog wants to be wanted. You should try to leave the room where the dog is in its crate during the times when you are at work or are at school. If you don’t leave your dog alone in its crate during these times then you may be setting yourself up for frustration and an even harder time crate training your dog.

During the day you can set up a special treat just for your dog and place it inside its crate. Once your dog knows that if it goes into its crate then a treat is coming then it will go in its dog’s crate on a regular basis. Over time you will find that your dog will go into its crate for just a few minutes at a time but will then want to stay there longer. You can gradually increase the length of time that you leave the dog in its crate by making smaller treats and replacing them with larger ones.

It’s best to start crate training your dog while it is still a puppy because this is the most time when they are more open to it. One way that you can crate train a dog when it is still a puppy is by putting newspaper in its crate. This will help to keep it more closed in. As your dog gets older then you will need to make more efforts to crate train your dog because it will be more difficult.

It’s important that you learn the proper steps when it comes to crate training a dog because if you don’t then you can have some problems along the way. You can crate train a dog in about three weeks. The first few days that you are crate training a dog it’s best to keep a close eye on it to make sure that it doesn’t rip or damage the crate. If you notice any signs of distress from your dog then you should remove it immediately and try to get it to calm down before you take it out of the crate.

If you follow these steps, you will soon have a dog that is much calmer and is going to sleep more soundly than before. You can also teach your dog how long it should be in the crate by using a bell which is connected to the collar. If the dog has been inside for more than 12 hours then you will let it out of the crate and praise it. Once it has been inside for less than twelve hours then you will put it back into its dog’s crate.

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