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Can I Use Human Shampoo For A Puppy?

Do I need to use human shampoo for a puppy? This is one of the biggest dog care questions that pet owners have been asking themselves lately. On one side of this debate, you’ve got dog owners who stand firm on their position that human shampoo absolutely has no business being used on a dog and they back up their claim with the oft-heard claim that they’ve been giving their dogs shampoos made for human consumption to long ago and they’re still perfectly healthy and happy. Then there are those who say that perhaps human shampoo isn’t such a bad idea after all and it’s certainly much gentler on dogs’ skin than some of the other dog care products that are available today. But which side are you on?

The fact of the matter is that there are many reasons to use human shampoo on your dogs, not just because it’s easier on their skin. It’s also a good idea to use human shampoo on your dogs simply because dogs have different skin chemistry than you and some dogs have extremely sensitive skin. For example, longhaired breeds have very sensitive skin that can easily become irritated by harsh detergents or even ordinary soap and water. Some dogs have even been reported to develop skin lesions that can look like eczema.

Dog owners may choose shampoos like Dr. Shampoo or Dog Shampoo that is non-toxic and gentle on their dogs’ skin. Some dog shampoos contain fragrances or dyes that can irritate the skin and can even cause excessive dryness, itching or redness. Also, if your dog has a medical condition, harsh chemicals in some dog shampoos can be dangerous to him. For instance, if your dog has kidney disease, using human shampoo on him can make it worse, or even lead to liver failure.

There are also side effects to using human shampoo on your dog that you should be aware of. Human shampoo can give your dog a shiny coat that turns gray as he gets older. This happens because the shampoo seeps into the dog’s fur and changes its natural color. Another problem that can occur is that, because the dog will be distracted by the scent of his human bath, he can get over excited and have a bathyspasm, which is a spasms of his bladder and bowels that can cause him to be in great pain and possibly put him in shock.

Using human shampoos on your dog is also a bad idea because they tend to dry out his fur. This can be very bad for your dog’s skin, as well as his coat. It can also make him more susceptible to infections and irritations because his skin can become cracked or inflamed. Human shampoos are also harsh on puppies’ delicate skin. Human shampoo can also leave behind residue on your puppy’s hair, making him more susceptible to tangles and mats. For these reasons, it is best not to use human shampoo on your puppy until after his first bath.

There are different types of dog shampoos that work better for different skin types, so do some research before buying human shampoo. Some of the best types of shampoo contain ingredients that help to keep your dog’s skin moist while reducing dryness and itching. Ingredients such as Zinc and Sulfur are good for a dog’s delicate skin, since they help to protect against dry skin and allergies. A dog’s acid mantle is a key player in how well he regulates his body pH levels, so any product that contains ingredients to maintain this mantle is a good choice for your puppy.

You should never use human shampoo for a puppy if you are using shampoo that is too harsh for their sensitive skin. Always start with milder formulations first to let your dog get used to a softer head of hair. If your dog has dry skin, then using shampoo that contains high levels of alkaline can aggravate this condition. Ph balanced products are also easier on your dog’s skin than acidic ones, so find one that contains Pantothenic Acid, a powerful yet gentle pH balance ingredient.

Although using human shampoo for a puppy is a lot gentler on his skin than the harsher dog shampoos, there will always be some risk involved when caring for an unruly pup. Dog wipes can be a great way to reduce the risks involved, especially if you want to prevent your pup from biting, chewing, or irritating you. While these types of wipes won’t actually “purify” your pup, they can certainly prevent unwanted messes from occurring in your home. You can also use these wipes when traveling or outside of your home, so be sure to have plenty of puppy wipes on hand for those inevitable accidents.

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