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If you’re looking for a dog with traits of being affectionate, a good listener, or one who can be trained to do numerous tasks then you might want to consider getting a dog of one of the lovely dog breeds mentioned above. Some breeds are usually preferred for their size, some for their ability to perform special tasks. For instance, Labrador Retrievers are often thought of as great pets and service dogs while Cocker Spaniels are thought of as hunting dogs. Yet Cocker Spaniels are really great family pets since they can learn how to behave as part of a family as easily as they can learn how to bark and how to follow commands. This, of course, depends on whether your Cocker Spaniel is male or female.

All these dogs love to please their owners and you’ll discover that they love to show it off too! Many lovely dog breeds have a reputation for being able to fetch a ball with their paws and waddling along happily with you as you play in the grass or roll around in the dirt. They truly love to be around people and can be a real joy to own and to watch them jump and dance along to the music or to the children playing in the garden. However, loving and cuddly dogs are not always the right choice for families with small children as they can easily get carried away and be hurt if they are stepped on by their little nappies or clothes. And, of course, all dogs don’t like having their paws held so if you don’t want to be smothered with love and attention, or have your hands full carrying your new puppy around all day, it might be a good idea to stick to terrier breeds which aren’t as aggressive towards people.

The labrador retriever is one such lovely dog breed that is great at protecting you and your family from danger. They have an extremely keen sense of smell and are excellent at finding hidden dangers such as rats and mice – and a whole lot more besides! They are naturally good jumpers and great climbers so if you are looking for a dog that will work its way up the steps at the local country club then the labrador retriever could be just what you are looking for. They love working with humans but are also very clever at picking up items of children’s toys and other things so make sure that yours does not have any small soft toys inside which could be dangerous. Otherwise, your precious puppy will find it hard to jump onto anything!

Some other very pretty and gentle dogs include the poodle and the cocker spaniel. The poodle is always cute but a little on the heavy side for most people, so unless you are in reasonably good physical condition, perhaps needing to have surgery later on, then this breed is probably not for you. Poodles can however, make wonderful companions as they are very gentle, loving and devoted to their owners. Cocker Spaniels on the other hand can be very affectionate with humans and can even be quite calm when picked up. They can be quite independent though and can become bored if they do not have too many opportunities to play outside.

Then of course there are the lovely dog breeds such as the German shepherd, golden retriever, golden lab, dachshund, longhaired retriever, border collie, and the pug. These dogs were originally bred to work alongside humans as herding dogs but nowadays they enjoy being used as show dogs and as pet dogs as well. They tend to be quite protective of their owners and would not make a good watch dog due to the increased level of threat from crime today. They are however, very loyal and are great with children. You may have heard of the German shepherd being used as an handler for the German Shepherd dogs training.

Other very popular and famous dogs include the Beagle, English cocker spaniel, Pekingese, and the Pug. These are also known as the loving companions that people love to have around all the time. Most of these beautiful dog breeds have wrinkled or flat paws. Their front paws should be inwards, and not outward. The Pekingese and the Beagle will have wrinkly or flat feet while the Pugs will have paws that are rounded like that of a cat’s.

The wrinkled or flat feet of these dogs make them more apt to get hurt if they are playing around with children who are running around. The flat feet on the other hand make them have less chance of getting hurt during training. It is said that the Cocker Spaniel has the most beautiful eyes of the all the cute dog breeds. They have big bright eyes that are made of crystal blue with almond shaped pupils.

The Black Labrador Retriever also belongs to one of the most famous dog breeds today. These are quite independent as they are not inclined to be easily influenced by people. This breed can quite listen to you but it is not always possible for them to take a command from you. They are quite loyal though, and this breed is also known as the intelligent loyal dog breed. These are very good companions and are quite comfortable with strangers.

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