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Choosing a Healthy, Holistic Diet For Dogs With Sensitive Stomach Problems

If you are a dog owner who is concerned about the ingredients in your dog’s food, then the answer may be dog food for sensitive stomach. There are two types of dog food on the market; domestic (dog food) and pet (dog food for human). Domestic dog food contains mostly meat as the main ingredient, whereas pet dog food contains more vegetables and other types of protein and carbohydrates.

Sensitive Stomach, What Is It? There are several things that go into a dog’s diet, some of which are not edible, such as herbal supplements and vitamins. This is why it’s important to read the label on the bag. In the case of dry food, there are three ingredients commonly found. They are protein (the most common), vegetable, and starch. The recipes for this type of dog food for sensitive stomach can be found below.

Top 5 Ingredients. Usually, these are just the common meat sources used by domestic dogs. If you are looking for dog food for sensitive stomach, then the first ingredient should be chicken meal or lamb. The second ingredient may be soybean meal, or rice meal, and the third is corn or rice. The recipes for these types of dry foods can be found below.

Ingredients to Avoid. Dogs that suffer from food allergies will typically be lactose intolerant, and therefore cannot consume products containing milk products. However, many dogs do not exhibit any symptoms of lactose intolerance, even when consuming milk products. Therefore, many companies have included small amounts of lactose in order to reduce the risk of a dog becoming lactose intolerant. To avoid these ingredients in your dog food, you may want to look for a dog food that is only made with non-cheese products. Two of the best recipes for these types of dog foods include Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Dry Food and Rintam’s Classic Dog Food.

Ingredients to Avoid. Many commercially prepared dog foods contain wheat, which is often derived from wheat grains. Although wheat is gluten free, it is a protein source that can cause an allergic reaction in dogs. In addition, wheat is often made with fat, which can make a dog excessively fatty and unhealthy. You may want to choose a dog food that has minimal fats and carbohydrates and no or little wheat.

Ingredients to Look For. One of the best recipes for dog food for sensitive stomachs includes the use of rice or potatoes instead of corn or soybean oil. Both vegetables are natural fat-free and contain very few calories, making them a great addition to any dog food. Other healthy, organic ingredients to look for are applesauce, carrots, garlic, Cayenne, fish, green beans, onions, nonfat dry milk and coconut oil. All these ingredients help to provide a balanced nutrition, which prevents constipation as well as other digestive issues.

How to Make it Healthy. Although dogs have adapted to eating a wide range of different foods, they should not be fed any meals that have a lot of sugar or starch. Instead, choose a dog food that is high in fiber and low in fat. This allows your dog to have a regular digestive system, but at the same time, avoid any artificial colorings, preservatives and salt.

Probiotics. Probiotics are good bacteria that are found in healthy feces. If the dog’s food contains too much starch and sugar or if it is especially high in fat, the probiotics will not be able to grow. Since it cannot grow, the dog will not be able to digest the food properly, which will lead to dog stomach issues and constipation.

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