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Choosing Between Different Types of Dog Breeds

Before anyone gets into the types of dog breeds there are several things that they should know about. First off, there are over three hundred different types of dog breeds out there. Second, these dogs are grouped into nine classes that are further split into nine sub-classes. The remaining categories are further divided into thirty different types of breeds.

The first classification is ‘The wolf’. This is the most common and there is no doubt that a wolf crossed with any other dog breeds will result in a new breed. Wolves can be anywhere from coyotes to european wolves, to Alaskan Malamutes. They can also be mixed between the other dog breeds in order to create something new.

The next classification is ‘The Terrier’. This is the oldest known type of dog breeds. A terrier is used to retrieve birds and small animals and they can be very athletic in how they move and behave. Because of their physical characteristics of short noses and small heads, terriers have been used to hunt rabbits and hares. The common misconception is that the word ‘terrier’ comes from the word ‘terr’, which means ‘wild’, but this isn’t entirely true.

The next most common type of dog breeds is the ‘Cocker Spaniel’. These dogs love to hunt and they love being around people. They are very intelligent and can learn a variety of tricks. Due to their small size a Cocker Spaniel can easily fit inside of an airline seat because they have very small bones and they don’t have much muscle, which limits their movements.

The next most common type of dog breeds is the Labrador Retriever. These dogs were originally bred to be companions for fishermen. Over time the popularity of these dogs has increased and they are now very popular in homes all over the world. These dogs are great companions for kids and families and many Labradors are even named as children’s pets. There are many different types of Labradors and there are many different breeds that have crossbreeding between them.

The last most common type of dog breeds is the Akc, (American Kennel Club) AKC has several standards that the breed must meet in order to be considered a valid breed. There are also several different colors that the AKC has for their akc’s including black, navy blue, fawn, chocolate, gray and teal. Some of the new breeds that have originated from the AKC list are Doberman Pinchers, Miniature Schnauzers, and Great Danes. All these dog breeds have their own set of standards and have been proven to be healthy, happy and strong animals.

Even though there are several new breeds popping up, there are some breeds that will always remain popular. The three most recognized and popular of these breeds are: the Australian Shepherds, the British Shih Tzu, and the Norwich Terrier. All of these breeds have different strengths and weaknesses but they have all gained recognition in the sporting arena. One of the oldest and most respected of these breeds is the Australian Shepherds. The Australian Shepherds were brought from Australia and they are very loyal and protective towards their owners.

The UK Cocker Spaniel is also one of the popular new breeds out there. The Cocker Spaniel is one of the best dogs around and if you want an outgoing and intelligent dog then this would be a perfect breed for you. This breed will listen carefully to your commands and will be extremely loyal and will fetch a high reward. However, these are very sensitive dogs and they can get upset if they are not treated well. You have to be responsible and train this dog as it is very much like a child. You have to make sure that it knows who is boss and that it receives enough attention from you.

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