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Covering Some Basic Dog Commands

When it comes to training your dog, the dog training basics are obedience training, stop and go, and sit and stay. These dog training basics can be used in conjunction with other dog training basics or on their own. An important note to remember about basic dog commands is that they must be done with loving care and never forced. Never hit or shout at your dog if they don’t listen or follow your commands. Remember these basic dog commands and your dog will act like a true pet and fit easily into your family.

Most of us think of the “pack” as the people we live with and care for and enjoy being around. Dogs on the other hand are considered a “pack” of animals. They are our children and our pets. And like any child, we expect them to act the way we expect them to when we tell them what to do or teach them a command. The first step to building a trusting relationship with your dog is to become his friend and start with the basic dog training basics.

Dogs were meant to please us and should always be treated as such. As a puppy, we need to get them used to a few basic dog training basics. First of all, always use a firm voice with your dog. You can’t teach your dog to obey you by having a soft voice. Also, in order for your dog to be obedient you have to be consistent.

Obedience training starts with the fundamental commands of sit, down, stay and come. The next logical step is to move onto basic tricks like heel clicker training, jump stop, and come. Once you have trained your dog to follow basic commands, the next step is to associate those commands with an action. That action could be as simple as lifting your dog up by his leash or as complex as teaching him to shake hands. You should always make sure that your dog is doing what you want before you give him any reward.

What is basic dog training basics in the home is to make sure that your dog is clean. Dogs are unclean just like humans and need a weekly bath if they don’t already have one. The next thing that we teach our dogs is how to behave around other dogs. If you don’t train your dog how to behave around other dogs he will be an annoyance at best and at worse a danger to other dogs. Dogs that behave well with other dogs will be able to play safely with their human companions.

Another very important thing to cover in basic dog commands is obedience training. Obedience training should include basic obedience skills like sitting, staying, and walking. The most common problem with training your dog is that he doesn’t know what the commands are or that he needs to do them differently. By teaching him what he needs to do we are covering two important things.

If your dog has a habit of jumping out of the house while you are gone then you need to teach him how to control himself. Jumping out of the house while you are gone can create a safety issue if he is a danger to himself. When covering basic dog commands like the sit command, it is essential that he knows that he cannot jump on you. There are many training products available that can teach your dog to stay put when you aren’t home. If your dog does not know where he is supposed to be sitting, then he will just keep jumping out of the way.

When covering basic dog commands, it is important that you always remember that training your dog should always be fun for both you and your dog. Always remember that the dog wants to please his master and the more you work on pleasing him the happier he will be. Do not get frustrated if your dog does not understand you right away. Patience is very important.

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