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Crate Training – How Long Should a Dog Be in a Crate?

How long do dogs last in a dog crate? This is the question many dog owners have asked themselves, wondering how long they should leave their dogs in the dog crate. The answer to this question will largely depend on the breed of dog as well as how you are crate training them. Here are some ideas on what factors to consider:

How long for a dog to be in a crate depends largely on whether they are young puppies or older dogs. Young puppies who are still very young can be crated for short periods of time, usually no more than a few hours at a time. Potty training should begin at an early age so that the habit of going outside every time they need to use the bathroom will be instilled in them from the beginning. For older dogs, crating can last anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days.

Smaller dogs sometimes like to be in dog crates, but they are not necessarily meant to be. If a small dog is only a couple of months old and is kept in a crate all day, this can be a great temptation for them. But it is important to remember that crating does not provide the puppies with adequate exercise. Smaller dogs need only to be crated for short periods of time during the day.

Longer term than average dogs may be in crates for an extended period of time. Crates offer a dogs protection when away from his owners. They offer an enclosed area where the dog can go to lay down and relax. A dog can be crated in his dog walker for an hour or more. This offers the dog the opportunity to go outside and stretch and have some time to himself. The dog walker can offer the dog the treats that he likes while he is out of the crate.

The dogs that are left alone during the day, especially by puppies, have much less control over themselves. They often act as if they are acting on their own. They chew items of furniture, bark incessantly and run across the floor. This can create anxiety and will make life very difficult for the owners. Puppies will generally learn to behave better when they are home with their owners.

Longer term than average dogs will be crated for longer periods of time. Crates can be used for one or two months, even up to a year. The dog can be crated for walks, however, this should only be when there is no other dog in the area. It is important to keep the crate door open when the dog is inside. If a dog is crated very frequently, then he may not be able to rest comfortably at night. A crate is much more like a large dog cage than it is a small pen for a puppy.

Most healthy dogs need to be in a crate from eight to ten hours, everyday. As soon as they are old enough they can be taken out for a longer walk or spend the night outside. There are many benefits to crating a dog. They feel safe and secure when they are in a crate and they are most comfortable when they are indoors. Crating a puppy is the best way to house train your puppy because they will quickly begin understanding that they are supposed to be in their crate all day and not left alone during the day.

When a dog has some type of anxiety problem, going outdoors can trigger an attack. How long for a dog to be in a crate depends on the severity of the problem. If the dog is displaying aggressive behavior, then you will want to make sure they are in a large dog crate. If the dog is showing some type of separation anxiety, then you will want to crate train your puppy so they are always kept in their proper size crate.

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