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Dehydrated Foundation Mix Helps Your Dog Maintain Nutritious Raw Food Diets

Raw dog food, or raw food for dogs, is becoming more popular than ever before. The benefits of feeding your dog raw food are manifold, to say the least. Feeding dogs a diet created using real, natural ingredients, like chicken, beef, fish, peas, carrots, spinach, brown rice, and whole peas, will do wonders for both their well-being and increasing vitality level, promoting heart and lung health, boosting energy level, making fur glow, improving vision, relieving allergies, enhancing skin condition, and even leading to longer life. These natural ingredients provide your dog with the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that he needs every day to keep them healthy. This article will give you the scoop on raw dog food and why should you feed your dog raw food.

Dogs need a balanced diet in order to stay healthy. The lack of proper nutrition has been blamed for many illnesses and diseases in dogs, including cancer, arthritis, digestive problems, skin problems, obesity, and even depression and anxiety! For this reason, feeding dogs fresh food from the beginning prevents illness and promotes good health. It is also important to note that raw food provides the right level of nutrients needed by your pet. Unlike commercial manufactured food that has very little nutrient content, raw food provides all of the essential vitamins and nutrients that your dog needs. Because it is natural and whole, it contains all of the correct vitamins and nutrients.

Many people think that dog food is filled with chemicals, preservatives, and other unnatural ingredients. In reality, just a few common ingredients found in commercial foods are what give dogs their fresh, wholesome flavor and nutritional value. Dogs are carnivores, which means their diet should contain meat and bones to supplement the vitamins provided by vegetables. Alfalfa sprouts are excellent sources of protein and are often included as ingredients in raw dog food.

Bacteria and parasites cannot survive in raw foods. These elements are too small to penetrate the shell. This is one reason that raw foods are better for dogs than kibble. Dogs that are fed kibble are constantly eating that same food and are becoming deficient in many important nutrients. On the flip side, dogs that are fed raw foods are not becoming deficient in necessary nutrients because they are being fed by a different food each meal!

Another key component to raw dog food is raw organ meats. Organ meats, like heart, kidney, liver, lungs, tongue, brains, bones, and cartilage are extremely rich in vitamins and provide the most nutritional benefit. Dehydrated organ meats retain little to no nutrients while freeze-dried and dehydrated raw meat is acidic and lacks vitamin A and B-complex. When a dog’s diet primarily consists of raw organ meats, the dog receives the benefits of these superior nutrients. Many raw dog foods contain only a few ingredients such as fish or fruits.

The second important component to raw dog food is raw meat. Yes, there are a lot of dogs that are fed cooked meat but a raw dog food diet will provide the most essential nutrients needed to maintain a healthy coat and digestive system. Dehydrated raw meat contains no moisture, which is perfect for preventing the growth of bacteria and other harmful organisms. The presence of bacteria and other microorganisms will cause problems with your dog’s digestion system.

To feed your dog a balanced and nutritious diet you will need to be careful about the type of food you feed him. Although kibble has been proven to be healthy and effective, you will still want to check with your vet to make sure that the ingredients in your dog food products are completely safe. Many raw dog foods use only natural ingredients and very little if any processed sugar.

Dehydrated Foundation Mix will help to meet your dogs nutritional and dietary needs by providing the raw food you have chosen. You can purchase dehydrated foundation mix at your local pet store or online. It can be mixed up to create yummy raw meals for your dog. By creating these meals yourself, you’ll be sure that your dog is getting all of the raw, high quality nutrients that he needs.

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