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Different Types of Dogs and Their Characteristics

Here are out 15 Most Loyal and Friendly types of puppies in this world and their proper names along with pictures. German Shepherd: This breed of canine originated from the year 1999. These are termed as crossbred working dogs that are well bred for herding livestock. A German Shepherd has lots of power, docile, obedient, alert, and extremely trainable.

Rottweiler: A cross between a Bulldog and a Rottweiler was developed about forty years ago in Germany. A Rottweiler is a very friendly dog breed that is affectionate by nature. Some qualities a Rottweiler possess include muscular structure, endurance, strength, and courage. This dog breed is also very affectionate towards children.

Border Collie: The word “border collie” is derived from the German “bord” meaning cattle. This type of dog breed is known as an intelligent dog breed. It possesses a very affectionate nature that makes it one of the most lovable dogs. Due to its intelligence and good health, it is believed to be suitable as a pet for a child.

Golden Retriever: This dog breed was developed as a cross between a British mastiff and a European greyhound. The American Kennel Club allowed the creation of the golden retriever and within a short span of time it was used as a sports dog breed. It possesses all the positive traits that can make it a very lovable pet. Due to its sweet temperament, good agility, active personality, alertness, and obedience, it is often used as a sports dog.

Labrador Retriever: The name” Labrador Retriever” was derived from the Italian word “llanum” which means beautiful water-dogs. It is one of the most favorite dog breeds all over the world due to its loving and gentle personality. It possesses exceptional intelligence and is highly trainable. In spite of being small in size, it possesses a big heart and an active spirit. It is famous all over the world as the intelligent dogs that can entertain people for hours.

Other than these three mentioned above, there are other types of pets that you can choose from. These include Saint Bernard, Golden Retriever, and Labradorspond. However, these four have their own unique characteristics that make them distinct from each other. You can purchase a pet from any of these types of pets for your home depending on your preference and your pocket. Each type of pet has their own advantages and disadvantages so before deciding on getting one for your household, you must consider well.

If you love herding, then probably Saint Bernard or Labrador Retriever would be perfect for you. These dogs are energetic and active and can exercise their body at will. They have excellent stamina and are great companions for those who love to travel a lot. Due to their gentle temperament, Saint Bernards and Labs are ideal for families with children. They are also very intelligent pets and can be trained well.

Although they originated from the coat of France, they are now considered trendy pets. They are even known as the “itzone” dogs because of their friendly nature and gentle nature, even when they are showered with affection and love. Some of them even named by their owners because of their unique qualities and personality traits.

A good example of this kind of dogs is the Great Dane. It originated from Germany. It is one of the popular working dog breeds today. This breed is famous for its strength, intelligence, loyalty, and adaptability towards humans. This type of dog was originally bred to be a working dog because of its high intelligence and agility. Even though it was bred for working, some of it is still fond of playing around.

Another example of this kind of dog is the Standard Schnauzer. This breed originated in Germany and because of its beautiful coat, it became popular as a fashionable pet. Its coat makes it capable of walking and maintaining a good posture even if it gets tired. Its lovely black eyes and the kind heart to make it a popular choice as a companion or show dog.

The Italian Greyhound is also another example of these wonderful dogs. Although these dogs look like they are always happy, sad or scared, they actually have a lot of health benefits which make them a top choice as pets. They are known to have a very calm personality, which makes it suitable for homes with children. Because of the Greyhound’s ability to heal quickly, it can also function well in nursing homes or elderly homes since it has an extremely long life span. These dogs originated in Italy and after years of being bred and studied, it was realized that their characteristics such as high intelligence, alertness, and agility made them perfect for hunters.

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