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Dog Breeds Information on Seven of America’s Most Popular Dog Breeds

Dog breeds information is important if you are in the market for a new pet. You want to know your options before making a commitment. The question is how do you find the information? You can look in the phone book or the classifieds, but the best way to get a list of potential dogs is to go online. Here are some of the more popular dog breeds.

The first list on dog breeds information that you will see has to do with the toy dog. There are the Beagle, Miniature Schnauzer, Toy Fox Terrier, and the French Bulldog. Each one of these has its own specialty: the Beagle is good with children, the Miniature Schnauzer is known as a watchdog, the Toy Fox Terrier is known for its energy, and the French Bulldog is famous for its guarding tendencies. They make great companions or show dogs, depending on what you like.

Another list on dog breeds information that is popular is the British Short-haired Sheepdog. This breed is relatively new on the scene but has become extremely popular. Originally a British sport breed, the English Sheepdog is now very popular around the world. Many have been used as dog companions for people with physical disabilities, since the short hair allows them to be brush trained and docked easily without excessive pulling. The standard British Sheepdog is slightly more wrinkled than the American short-haired version, but both still maintain their soft, velvety coats.

A third list of dog breeds information that you might be unfamiliar with has to do with the Giatric, Spanish, or Papillon. These dogs were originally bred to be companion animals, and are of mixed Mexican and Spanish bloodlines. They are the smallest of the dog breeds in relation to their size, at only a few and a half inches tall at the shoulder. They are light boned with medium-length hair, with smooth skin and a tendency to shed. They are also rather expensive and are not recommended for children under twelve.

The fourth entry on dog breeds information that you may not be familiar with is the Ovcharka or Polski. An Ovcharka is much larger than the other dogs on this list, standing at almost twenty inches from head to tail. It has a thick black coat and is quite compact. It has grayish blue eyes and an overall white chest. The Polski is only one breed that rarely show any kind of behavioral problem, but it is quite large, so is not recommended for small children under six months old or even pets.

The fifth entry on this list of dog breeds information is the short-haired pointing dog, also known as the coonhound. A coonhound is a pure bred female coonhound, which was once used as a game bird for trapping raccoons in the southern states of the US. Coonhounds were once used extensively in trap lines for capturing raccoons, but because of the popularity of the raccoon, these dogs became extinct in the United States. If you are interested in owning a coonhound, you should be aware that they can be very territorial and are unlikely to accept another owner if they are not accustomed to being alone. However, if you are good with your pet and treat her well, she will quickly become a loyal friend and companion.

The sixth entry on this list of dog breeds information, and the longest living breed of the fifteen listed are the spaniel. The spaniel is a medium-sized dog, about ten inches from head to tail. It has a curly and silky hair, and its body is covered with short fur. The face, including the face, eyes, ears, and nose, is white. The other distinctive feature of the spaniel is its long and silky hair, which drapes down the back of the dog.

The seventh entry on the list of dog breeds information, which is the most popular of all dogs in the United States, is the American Staffordshire Terrier, also known as the am Staffy. This small dog is alert, well-balanced, and intelligent. This small dog has a sweet temper, which makes it an excellent choice as a family pet. People who do not want to take on a large dog, or do not want to have a dog that acts like one, should consider owning an American Staffordshire Terrier.

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