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Dog Training Commands – The Best Technique to Use When Training Your Dog

There are several different techniques that you will want to learn when it comes to dog training commands. However, it will all start with having communication with your dog on a deep level. With some simple training, your dog will eventually come to love you as their new owner. Here are some of the most basic dog training commands that you will want to begin teaching your dog.

The first technique of dog training commands to employ is to establish a strong bond between you and your dog at the outset. This is easily accomplished by spending more time with your dog outside. Encourage your dog to listen to you with its ears and view you in its eyes. Once you have this firmly established, you can begin training your dog using the dog training commands associated with it.

One command that many dog owners do not understand is the command to stop barking. Barking is an important dog indication that lets you know that your dog is alerting you to something. This is especially true if your dog is a watch dog. Once your dog begins to bark, immediately take it to where it is being directed and give it a quick pat in the head while saying “good”.

This command works best when used in conjunction with another one, such as the command to sit. If you have a dog that does not obey you to sit, only say the sit command and give your dog a treat afterward. Then after a few times of doing this, your dog will sit quietly without barking.

The other thing to remember when using these commands is that you should never reward your dog for obedience training. Doing so can cause your dog to develop an immunity to them and may even make it dangerous. Also, if you decide to reward your dog, it would be much better to use something other than treats. A toy, a treat or even your hand can be a much more appropriate reward.

There are some instances when you are required to use a command to gain your dog’s attention. For instance, if you are working in the garden and you come by a dog sleeping in a hole in the ground, you may want to yell “NO” in the dog’s direction in an encouraging way. This will startle your dog and cause it to wake up. It will then become conscious of you and will hopefully come to realize that the barking was unnecessary. If your dog is awake and paying attention to you, this method is usually more effective than physically trying to get your dog’s attention.

Although most owners of dogs prefer the use of rewards during training, there are still times when using commands alone will be more effective. For example, if your dog is urinating on your rug and you want it to stop, you do not have to threaten or punish your dog physically in order to correct this behavior. You can simply take a few steps back and let your dog know that it is not acceptable to urinate where you cannot clean it up.

Before using any type of command, it may be beneficial for you to consult with a professional dog trainer. They will be able to give you the proper techniques for teaching your dog as well as determining whether it is in your dog’s best interest to learn a particular command. Remember, a dog’s behavior is often influenced by its emotional state and the type of communication that it has with its owner. Therefore, if you feel that your dog may be emotionally upset, it may be in his or her best interest to learn a particular command.

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