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Dog Training Commands To Teach Your Puppy

Teaching your dog to sit calmly is probably one of the easiest dog commands to teach your dog, so making it an ideal one to begin with. A well-behaved dog that learns the Sit command will also be much easier and calmer to handle than dogs that are not taught this easy command. Therefore, here are some useful tips to help you begin teaching your dog the Sit command:

Begin by putting your dog on a leash. Have him sit and then give him a treat. If he tries to leap forward on the leash, ignore him. He will soon realize that if he runs forward, he gets rewarded immediately, rather than having to stop and wait for the treats. This is a wonderful way to begin the process of teaching your dog the Sit command.

A second method for teaching your dog the Sit command is to use a clicker. This is an especially helpful tool for training dogs because they are highly sensitive to positive reinforcements. You can use a standard clicker or a “conditioned” clicker that gives your dog a small treat as soon as he utters the word “Sit”. With these methods, you can actually teach him the behavior in response to negative training such as biting or chewing. These methods are more effective when used with other types of dog training, but can also be combined with general dog training techniques.

You can use a combination of the two techniques to teach your dog the Sit commands to teach your dog. Start by using the treats and clicker technique. Once your dog has responded to the treats, start using the clicker in conjunction with your voice commands. Praise your pup with a treat and then says the word “Sit” in a firm voice while you give your dog the treat. Repeat this exercise between 10 and 30 times per day until your pup learns the Sit command.

The next step in the process is to work on the behaviors that you want to be taught. Sit on your dog’s lap, hold the leash in front of your chest and begin walking around the perimeter of your property. As your dog starts to move towards you, say the command in a firm voice and lead him to sit. If he does not sit, walk away and try again another day. Be patient.

Another great reward you can use to reinforce your dog sit behavior is the open the palm of your hand gesture. This is similar to a reward called the “Good Boy” or the “Good Girl” that we were taught in our youth. Lead your dog to the edge of your yard and then open your hand up toward your dog. Give your dog the reward of affection by patting his face as you give him the command to sit.

The last two dog training commands you will need to know about are “Stay” and “Fetch”. You should use the words “stay” and “fetch” to train your dog when he has reached the end of his long leash. In order to teach these commands, you should hold the leash in your left hand and your right hand will serve as a grip. Let your dog get close to the end of the leash and then say the command and lead him to stay.

When your dog comes to the end of the leash, you should offer him a treat and/or praise for staying. Praise him verbally until he understands what you want. Be patient. If he does not stay on his end of the leash, you should use the command “fetch”. Then, lead him to the next location on your property and continue the dog training.

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