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Dog Training: How To Command Your Dog In A Bad Behaviour

“How to command your dog in a sit, stay and stand” is one of the dog training questions many dog owners struggle with. Teaching your dog to obey these commands can be a little difficult especially if you are not an experienced dog owner or have never trained your dog before. The good news is that it is not impossible to train your dog and learn the technique to command your dog in a sit, stay and stand. In this article I will tell you some dog training techniques that will help you train your dog and make him obedient.

First of all, always start in the right place. When starting a training session always starts in the ready position (sit, stand or down). This way your dog will know what to expect and not feel confused. Always remain in the ready position until your dog has completely understood and performed the command correctly. Your dog will only learn what you want him to do right from the start.

Then you move on to the standing position. As mentioned before, always start in the ready position (sit, stand or down). You then move to the standing position. As previously, stay in the ready position until your dog has completed the command correctly. If your dog does something wrong (stops, moves out of position) correct him by saying “no” firmly.

“Stay” commands are easy to teach. You use the same stay and stand positions for the command. You simply modify it to target both dogs. Say stay for your dog to stay put and say stay for him to stay in position. You use the same command for the stay command as you use for the stay command. Be careful to always say stay even when your dog is about to go.

“Down” dogs will naturally move to the ground. This is called being on his side. Correct your dog for this behavior by saying down gently. Use a firm voice for this command and stand still. Your dog will naturally back up a bit but try not to move forward. When he becomes slack, say down gently again and place your dog in a position to the right side of you.

“Sit” is a good technique to command your dog when he is sitting. To begin, your dog is in a sitting position. Approach him calmly and say sit. Reward him with food if he complies.

“Heel” is used to command your dog when he is standing. Again, it is more of a propping up position than of a sitting position. Your dog will naturally move to the heel position. Approach him calmly and say heel. Reward him with food if he complies.

The final technique to command your dog in a pack is called the squeeze play technique. In it, you use your whistle to command your dog. Put your fingers together and place your thumb on the tip of your dog’s nose. whistle and quickly say down. Reward him immediately with praise and food. Do not forget to do this technique in reverse when your dog jumps on you!

It is advisable to hold the dog in one position for a while after using the whistle and giving him the down position. This allows his mind to settle down. If you use a treat, ensure that he is always close enough to you so that you can give him the reward. Do not punish him for jumping or you could scare him off altogether.

If you are using a stick or any other body part for the procedure, ensure that the dog is close to you and comfortable. You may also wish to practice this procedure several times before attempting it in a real life situation. If your dog jumps on you, remove him immediately and try again later.

If these techniques fail, it is advisable to search elsewhere for a more thorough and effective way to command your dog. There are some videos available that teach you all the positions and methods that will help to train your dog to sit and heel. The disadvantage of such training is that they are expensive and time consuming. A more practical way to train your dog is to buy a dog training book that teaches you the basics of dog behaviour. Once you know what the dog wants, you can then communicate with him and be in control.

Another option is to purchase a dog training collar and leash. By using a collar, you can command your dog to sit and heel whenever you wish and wherever you like. This option is better for people who live in apartments or have small areas where there are no dogs. It is also a lot easier to use when the dog is learning as most dogs are comfortable in a collar.

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