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Feed Your Dog the Real Thing

instinct dog food can be just the right thing for your dog’s health and well being and provide the building blocks for an entire lifetime of good health with only occasional supervision. Most consumers rely on the information and dog food reviews that are published, researched and read by dog breeders and experts. These experts recognize what their dog’s nutritional needs are and help guide the consumer in making the right choices when it comes to feeding their dog. The American Kennel Club (AKC) publishes a publication called Canine Nutrition: A Practical Guide for Dog Care. This is a great place to start when learning about the nutritional needs of your dog. Here you will find a complete list of the eight nutritional categories that your dog needs to stay healthy and fit.

Real Meat – All instincts dog food should contain real meat as the first item in the menu. Whether you opt for Lamb, pork, beef or chicken, the primary ingredients should be meat. Lamb and pork are the best choices because they offer a high quality protein. It is the most natural and safest source of nutrition. Real meat also provides plenty of B vitamins, calcium and other important vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to thrive.

Digestion boosters – There are a number of different digestive enzymes and probiotics available in most premium quality dog food. Unfortunately, many owners do not know which ones are best to give their dogs. There are five classifications of enzymes and probiotics; these are alpha-interferon, bromelain, acidophilus, bromelain with sodium and potassium and live yogurt enzymes. Feeding your dog a product with the correct mixture of enzymes and probiotics will help improve digestion and will help to maintain a healthy balance in the pH levels of the intestines. In dogs that have poor digestion, a lack of essential nutrients can lead to problems such as flatulence, bloating and weight loss. Digestion boosters will improve dogs’ digestion and may even prevent flatulence.

By-products – Although most companies choose to use meat as the first ingredient in their dog foods, some recognize the need to provide a healthy balance of meat and by-products. These products can be used as snacks throughout the day on a regular basis or as a filling for an instinct dog treat. Kibble is the best choice for this, as it contains meat and several other healthy by-products. Many dog owners choose to feed their pet with kibble in place of canned meat. You can find many brands of kibble that are full of protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that can promote better health for your pets. If you choose to feed your dog kibble, be sure to read the label and check for any additives, unnecessary fillers, colorings or preservatives.

Cheap Fillers and Additives – Many pet foods do not include enough healthy ingredients to support good nutrition. Some contain cheap fillers like corn meal, which is not only unhealthy, but can also promote health problems in pets such as cancer. Other cheaper fillers can be found in so many foods that it is actually shocking that some companies include them. Unfortunately, cheap fillers are almost always the first ingredient listed. It is important to read all nutrition information and look for fillers that are healthy. Many of these fillers and additives are listed as “nutrient dense”, but this means that dogs can absorb far more of these items than dogs who eat other types of foods.

Artificial Sweeteners and Dehydrators – Another common problem in pet nutrition is the use of artificial sweeteners and dehydrators. These products are usually designed to extend the shelf life of pet food, but they can actually destroy enzymes necessary for good nutrition. It is absolutely imperative that you read instinct dog food reviews and never buy any product that uses these ingredients. If you must use them, read the ingredient label carefully and make sure you understand what each ingredient does. The only ingredient that should remain on the ingredient label is protein, which is the real meat of your dog needs.

Trained Dog Owners – Not all owners know how to feed their dogs correctly. Even those who know how the need to learn new tricks or improve their handiness can ruin their dogs’ nutritional needs by choosing the wrong type of food. All-natural ingredients are the best choice for a reliable instinct dog food. These are also the safest option, since no preservatives or fillers are needed. The all-natural approach ensures that your dog receives all of the nutrients he needs without any risk of artificial flavors or ingredients. This means that you will know that you’re feeding your dog the real thing, which is why many dog owners prefer to purchase instinct dog food from a trusted brand.

Freeze-dried chicken and raw boost dry food are both available from a trusted source online. You can find a wide selection of healthy, nutritious foods that will keep your pooch satisfied and healthy, even when his schedule is full. These premium all-natural foods to ensure the health and safety of our dogs, ensuring the maximum happiness and enjoyment for the longest possible time. If you would like to provide your beloved pet with the best, quality raw food, why not consider instinct dog food?

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