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Finding the Best Dog Food For Cocker Spaniel

There are many premium dog food brands available in the market for your pet Cocker Spaniel. These are going to be great choices for all Cocker Spaniels, but some of these may not be ideal for dogs with allergies or a sensitive tummy. Besides this, these premium foods are high in nutrition and well-balanced! Here is a quick look at which of these is going to be the best dog food for your beloved Cocker Spaniel:

– Premium Dog Food by Jane Iredale: This high quality brand offers a variety of meals for your dog. One of their best choices is their chicken meal for dogs. Many owners complain about the by-products that are used in commercially-prepared foods, but this brand eliminates these by-products.

– Cocker’s Basic Formula by Jane Iredale: This dog food offers a limited ingredient diet with a high level of protein and a moderate fat content. The meat and bone in the recipe are of the highest quality and they are cooked medium to ensure tenderness. It uses whole grains, corn and a rice mixture instead of corn flour as most other brands do. This recipe also uses organic meats and a minimal amount of artificial additives and preservatives. The package directions have been carefully written and the ingredients are certified organic.

– Healthy Golden Retriever Nutrition by Liz Lange: This healthy formula offers a daily dose of vitamins, minerals and herbs to maintain a shiny coat for your Cocker Spaniel. The recipe contains carrots, celery, peas and brown rice. Other herbs such as bay laurel, rue, and garlic are also included.

– Life’s Abundance by Michael Andez: This healthy dish is an excellent example of how you can feed your dog a well-balanced, holistic diet free from preservatives, fillers, additives and artificial flavors. The ingredients are whole grains, fish, poultry, liver, green vegetables, legumes, dairy products and lots of minerals. Moreover, this recipe contains no wheat or corn. The dog will get all the nutrients it needs.

– Clicker Nutrition for Cocker Spaniel by Jessica Pederson: This is another excellent choice when feeding your dog a high-quality, nutritional dog food. The ingredients are mainly made of whole grain oats, soybean protein concentrate, chicken meal, brewer’s yeast, wheat and corn. The ingredients are of high-quality and this recipe has been made keeping in mind the requirements of a Cocker Spaniel digestive system. The meal has a balance of three parts digestible proteins, three parts carbohydrates and one part fiber. It provides your dog with the perfect blend of nutrient to ensure good health.

– Kibble (dry food): There are various brands in the market and the best thing is that all of them are perfectly suitable for your dog. However, there are some things you should look out for when choosing the dry food for your dogs. First, it is necessary that the dry food you will choose has the right amount of fiber for proper digestion. The ideal is about two cups per pound of body weight. Secondly, you should pick dry food that is kibble-free. The kibble is known to contain fewer calories and more nutritious ingredients.

– Dry Food Meals Per Day for Puppies by Suzanne Gudakunst: It contains recipes for meals that are specifically designed for puppies. This diet is especially made for puppies that are growing quickly because their digestive systems are not yet fully developed. They need foods rich in protein content. The ideal is to feed them meat, cooked at home. In this case, the recipes provide specific instructions for protein assimilation.

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