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Finding the Best Natural Dog Shampoo For Your Dog

What is the best natural dog shampoo for dogs? If your dog has hair that is oily or thin, you may need to use a specially formulated dog shampoo. This shampoo must contain the right balance of ingredients. When choosing a shampoo, dog care should be given equal importance as with human care. The aim is to keep the skin of your dog healthy and clean. Using dog care products that are chemical free is the best way to ensure that your dog’s skin remains healthy and clean.

Organic dog shampoos are safe for use even on dogs with long ages. Even if you own a diabetic dog or a pregnant female, you can still use the best-trained dog shampoo in your beloved pet without worrying about negative side effects. Natural ingredients like aloe vera gel, tea tree oil, and other essential oils are very good for maintaining the health of your dog and also for reducing hair loss and treating dandruff. These essential oils have the ability to improve the circulation of blood in the scalp and thereby maintain a good condition of the skin as well.

To make a special organic dog shampoo that is suitable for the health of your dog, mix three to four drops of aloe vera gel in warm water. Add one tablespoonful of tea tree oil and mix thoroughly. Let this mixture cool down for some time and then add a few drops of your favorite dog shampoo. Massage this shampoo into your dog’s body using its entire coat. Be careful not to let the shampoo dry on the dog’s body and then rinse it off. Repeat the process until you get the desired results.

Another interesting formula is one that combines Rosemary extract with aloe vera gel. This special formula is known to boost the immune system of dogs and to improve their lustrous coat. The ingredients can be mixed together and then bottled and given to your dog as a bath shampoo. There are different varieties of Rosemary extract available including dried leaves, bark and fresh leaves.

A special dog shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin is one that contains cetyl myristoleate and stearic acid. These ingredients are said to be good alternatives to chemical-based conditioners. For example, chemically based shampoos might work for dogs that have dry skin allergies but they might not work for dogs that suffer from constant itching, a condition known as an itching phase. An appropriate conditioner for this type of condition will not only provide moisture to the affected areas but will help relieve their discomfort.

An effective natural ingredient for dogs that keeps their coats moist and shiny is the oil extracted from fresh almonds. Almonds are rich in fatty acids and this natural ingredient can prevent dry hair. To make this formulation even better, the almond oil can be combined with a few drops of Rosemary essential oil. The mixture can be applied to the dog’s hair at least once a week. A special formula is needed since there are many oils in the almond place. One of the oils is specially chosen to add shine and softness to the coat.

Another excellent natural remedy for dogs is the scent of peppermint essential oils. The powerful and distinctive smell of peppermint can soothe an upset stomach or intestinal disorders of your dog. In addition, it helps relieve common skin rashes and is also used to treat separation anxiety. It can also relieve itching in the ears and itchy eyes of dogs. If you give your pooch a cup of peppermint tea, he’ll definitely get rid of those itchy, dry skin problems!

Finally, check out the Natural Advantage Shampoo & Conditioner by Dr. William Horatio Austin. This shampoo is the best dog shampoo for dogs with skin issues. The formula contains oatmeal as an active ingredient which repairs and soothes dry skin. It contains Balsam of Peru for removing dead skin cells. The rest of the ingredients work together to soothe inflammation, heal skin conditions and control oily coat fur.

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