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How Can I Treat My Dog’s Kennel Cough At Home?

Kennel cough in dogs is a common respiratory disease. It usually affects older dogs and is caused by a bacteria known as Mycoplasma Infection Syndrome or M.K.S. Sometimes, however, it can affect younger dogs. Let’s look at some ways of how can I treat my dog’s kennel cough at home.

To begin with, let’s look at the most commonly used medications for kennel cough in dogs. The ones that are most commonly recommended are anti-inflammatory drugs. The problem is that these medications have several side effects, including, vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea, and so on. Therefore, these treatments are only recommended if accompanied by other treatment options such as antibiotics and cough suppressants.

Another recommended treatment option is the use of nasal sprays. These help in the short term by decreasing inflammation. However, this type of treatment is not very effective for long term use since it simply masks the problem and doesn’t get to the root of the problem. In fact, the best way of dealing with the problem is to treat it from the roots. So, how can I treat my dog’s kennel cough at home by going straight to the source? By using a holistic treatment option, you will be able to deal with the underlying cause of the illness, thus, eliminating the symptoms as well.

Holistic therapy is a natural homeopathic, and all-natural treatment option that treat your dog’s ailments at its root cause. When you treat your dog’s cough using holistic therapy approaches, you are taking a very simple step to improve his immune system. This will enable your dog to fight off any future bouts with kennel cough and other types of health issues brought on by improper immune system functioning. If you have a healthy, fit dog that has been receiving all of the proper nutrition and care, then he will be better equipped to resist disease.

If you are like most pet owners, you will want to give your dog the best possible care. You do this by feeding your dog a healthy diet, one rich in vitamins and nutrients. This includes plenty of meat, vegetables, and fruit. By making sure that your dog has plenty of these foods on a regular basis, you will be providing him with a rich diet that promotes overall good health, but you will also be building up his immune system so that he is better able to resist illnesses.

In addition to the diet, you should also be supplementing it with a good daily dose of probiotics. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that are found in both the intestines and the bladder, and they work to keep the digestive system working smoothly. A properly functioning digestive system will help your dog fight off kennel cough, as well as other types of internal health problems.

There are many holistic remedies that are available for the treatment of kennel cough. Holistic medicine works to support the complete health of the body, including its immune system. Because dogs have a weaker immune system than we do, a holistic veterinarian may recommend a homeopathic treatment to bolster your dog’s ability to fight off illness. The benefit of using these kinds of remedies is that they are safe and effective without causing adverse side effects. Your dog will be cured of kennel cough and all the other symptoms that come with this type of respiratory infection.

The final step in treating your dog for this disease is to encourage proper oral hygiene. Dogs that get kennel cough often have tooth decay problems, and it is up to you to give him a dental check-up twice each year. Be sure to remove tartar from your dog’s teeth and gums, and clean his tongue thoroughly. When you treat your dog right in the beginning, you can effectively curb his coughing. He’ll thank you for it when he recovers.

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