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How Come A Dog Become Diabetic?

The question “Why do dogs develop diabetes?” is a good one. Diabetes in dogs is very common because they are so closely related to humans. Both share the same risk factors for diabetes, but dogs have a slightly different way that they gain access to those risk factors. Unlike humans, dogs do not process insulin the way we do. When they do not get the proper nutrition, the result is diabetes.

There are a number of possible causes why dogs develop diabetes. One of the biggest contributors to diabetes in dogs is overfeeding. Just like us, dogs need to eat. However, they have a different taste than us do. If you feed your dog a high-calorie diet, your dog will gain weight and the extra weight leads to excess fat tissue and glucose in the blood stream.

Obesity is the second major cause of diabetes in dogs. This condition is actually worse for dogs than it is for people. Many overweight dogs end up with kidney disease, heart disease or arthritis. These diseases are directly caused by the excessive insulin produced when the dog is overweight.

Diet and exercise can help control your dog’s diabetes, but they cannot cure it. Obesity and diabetes can be managed through a proper diet and regular exercise. Excess weight leads to fluid retention, and dogs that become diabetic often have kidney problems as well as joint problems. Excessive exercise leads to poor circulation and a weakening of the ligaments and tendons.

The third cause of diabetes in dogs is viral infections. Dehydration is often caused by this type of infection. Your dog will be urinating more often than normal because of the dehydration. It is recommended that you clean your dog’s bottom to remove the excess urine which will prevent dehydration.

The fourth cause of diabetes in dogs is a deficiency of the B vitamins. Your dog’s diet should contain a lot of fatty acids and vitamin A. Too much cholesterol is bad for dogs as well as excessive sugar consumption. If your dog eats a lot of processed foods, you may need to experiment with a raw food diet. A proper diet will help prevent diabetes. Also, check to make sure there is enough Vitamin B in your dog’s food.

The fifth cause of diabetes in dogs is too much prolactin in their blood. Prolactin is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland. When there is an excess production of prolactin, it can cause diabetes. This problem usually affects female dogs more than it does male dogs. This is because the female dog produces less of the hormone than the male dog. To solve this problem, you may want to supplement your dog’s diet with soy products.

How come a dog become diabetic? If you have a dog that is not eating or drinking regularly, check for these five possible causes of diabetes in dogs and eliminate them from your dog’s diet. Of course, you should never leave a dog untreated if you suspect a disease. But if you are concerned that your dog has diabetes, try to treat it before it gets worse. You may be able to control it with diet and exercise, but if it is caught early, you will be able to take good care of it.

Obesity is another reason why a dog becomes diabetic. Obesity does not only make your dog obese; it also makes the dog’s pancreas work harder. Just as dogs need insulin, they need a steady diet and regular exercise to stay healthy. If you are not changing your dog’s diet and increasing your dog’s exercise, it will only get worse, even though the dog may not be suffering from diabetes. Obesity may lead to joint problems and other health problems later on.

Diabetes is also caused by the dog’s immune system. Sometimes a dog’s body is unable to produce sufficient amounts of insulin. This leads to high blood sugars, which eventually leads to diabetes. To prevent diabetes, boost your dog’s immune system by feeding him or her a nutritionally balanced diet and giving him or her plenty of exercise.

Allowing diabetes to run its course without treatment is risky for both you and your dog. Unfortunately, the causes of diabetes can be many and complicated. Dog owners should do their part to learn all they can about dog health. Knowledge is power and when you know why your dog is suffering from diabetes, you can make changes in his or her diet, exercise routine, and medication. When you find out the root cause of diabetes, you will be better prepared to deal with it and help your dog lead a much happier life with his or her condition well under control.

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