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How Long Does It Take For Rabies To Show In Dogs?

Rabies is a form of dog-based viral disease that can strike both dogs and cats. The name comes from the V rabies virus, which causes this condition. It is spread through the bite of an infected mammal. Symptoms typically appear seven to 21 days after the bite, although there has been some case reports of symptoms occurring much later.

How long does it take for rabies to show in dogs is difficult to determine. Rabies has been known to show up in some dogs as late as three months after the bite. Since the disease is highly transmissible, if your dog were to come into contact with an infected mammal, he could easily become infected. So it is imperative that you supervise your dog carefully especially when they are playing outside or traveling.

Once infected with the rabies virus, the disease will remain in your dog’s nervous system. It will then go into the muscle tissue. However, it will not be able to affect the nerves until six to nine months after the initial infection. When this happens, the signs and symptoms will start showing. The disease typically attacks the face and head areas first before moving to the legs and later, the muscles.

The length of time that it takes for rabies to show in dogs can vary from one patient to another. Some have been known to show symptoms within three months while others may take up to six months. Usually, the longer it takes for the symptoms to develop, the higher the chances of successful treatment. However, if the condition is left untreated, the cat can become paralyzed. The outcome of the paralytic state depends on how long the rabies has been in the animal’s body. However, when the cat becomes comatose, it will not be able to move.

Since there are several factors that contribute to the severity of rabies in dogs, determining how long does it take for rabies to show in dogs can be quite difficult. Rabies can affect any of the four areas of a dog’s body. Some of these are the face, the gums, the lungs and the heart. In some cases, it may only manifest itself in the head.

A dog that becomes infected with rabies will be in obvious discomfort. There will be vomiting, drooling and fatigue. At first, a dog with rabies may also exhibit signs of aggression and depression. Over time, your dog should start to develop signs of memory loss, an increased urge to vomit and difficulty walking. The final signs of rabies will be an unresponsiveness to commands and a loss of muscle coordination.

Although the actual timeframe differs from one dog to the next, it is safe to say that it can take up to two months for your dog to be fully infected with rabies. However, this could change in a few short weeks. Rabies can be transferred from one animal to another through saliva and blood. Therefore, your dog could become infected if they were to bite another animal during the time they have rabies.

Rabies can be prevented in your dog by keeping them up to date on vaccinations. Make sure you also give them flea and tick treatments at least twice each year. Rabies has been fatal for many years, so it is important to get your dog the proper care and treatment as soon as possible. How long does it take for rabies to show in dogs depends on the type of dog, as well as on how often they are exposed to animals infected with rabies. However, with constant exposure, your dog should have long enough before it becomes serious enough to show symptoms.

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