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How to Build a Dog Crate – Your First Steps in Cat Behavior Training

Building a dog crate used to be an easy task. All you had to do was find some rawhide, or similar hardwood, and attach it to the wall with nails or staples. If you’re handy with tools, you may even end up using nails and screws to make the whole thing more sturdy and secure. These days, however, crate-builders have come a long way, and crate creation doesn’t have to involve hours of crafting.

Some people wonder how to build a dog crate that’s big enough for their dog. There are actually two ways to go about this. One way is to go and buy a large dog crate; there are even some premium sized ones on the market today. The other way is to go and make your own crate. You’ll need a good set of dog crate plans to go by (which you can get online, just Google it), rawhide or other large piece of material to put the crate on, and some wood shavings to give it that attractive natural look.

Many dogs won’t mind sleeping in a crate when they’re small, but once they grow into larger dogs, they’re likely to get a little restless. One way to solve this problem is to simply give the dog enough room. You don’t need anything too extravagant; a crate just large enough to allow your dog to turn around comfortably in will do. You may also want to provide a sleeping area of some sort, but this can depend on the breed of dog you have.

Once you know how to build a dog crate, you need to decide what kind of crate you want to build. Some people love to build dog crates that look like prisons, so they have their dogs confined to these areas all of the time. Others prefer a nice cozy little doghouse-like crate for their pets. Either way, both of these styles are cute and will provide shelter for your pet. There are even collapsible crates available that you can purchase and fold away when not in use.

The actual process of how to build a dog crate starts with building a foundation. First, make sure that any flooring you’re using is completely flat, smooth and strong. You should be able to secure the floor to the walls of the crate itself, as well. Next, take your rawhide or other stuffing and cut it to the size of the opening of the crate. Using a glue gun or something similar, seal the edges of the stuffing to the rawhide or other stuffing.

Next, you should put the entire floor of the crate underlayment into place. This helps keep the floor dry and will help it last much longer than regular flooring. After this step, you can put your crate’s door open, but leave a window open for air flow. If you’re wanting to know how to build a dog crate with windows, then there are two ways you can go about this. You could either get a cardboard box cut to the right dimensions and opened up in the front (so the air could get in) or you could get an extra wide cardboard box that has a side cut out for your window (just remember not to put your dog in the box! ).

Once you have your flooring in place and your box ready, you can begin learning how to build a dog crate. First things first, line your crate up with the door opened to the back of it. If you’ve done a good job at making sure your flooring is even, square and strong, your dog will enter and exit his crate straight through the door. Put a large enough piece of tape on the bottom of your crate to help keep him in it, too. If he tries to escape, the tape will hold him in.

When you’re finally done, you should have something that looks like this: If you’re going to move your crate around in the house, you should take the time to line it up so that it looks like a regular dog crate, not something that’s been poorly made for one purpose only. Poor craftsmanship just makes it look unstable. If you’re not worried about how your house looks, then by all means leave it to the professionals-you’ll be able to see how well they’re doing from the looks and the results.

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