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How to Build a Puppy Crate

It is possible to learn how to build a puppy crate, as there are several reasons why it is important to crate train your puppy. Crate training simply involves keeping the puppy confined for short periods of time so that he has less chances of getting into things inappropriate (like the leg of your favorite sofa). How long a puppy spends in his crate depends on his individual personality and age. Most puppies are usually able to stay in their crates for about an hour. A smaller puppy may spend half an hour or even less. You should try and make sure you are consistent with how long he spends in his crate.

Before you start learning how to crate train your puppy, you must first decide on a sturdy, well-made crate. Wooden crates are the easiest to clean and most durable. Metal crates are more durable but can be very bothersome to your puppies sense of smell and can easily become scratched or broken. Plastic crates are durable and inexpensive but tend to slip and slide around. When deciding how to crate train your puppy, you should consider how he will feel about being locked in a crate during the day as well as at night.

There are several different kinds of puppy dog crates. Some are large with many openings. Some are very small and just have a front door. These are called to walk in dog crates. There are also specially designed crates for outside dogs, including many that have windows and are secured with a securing latch. These kinds of doggie dog crates have the advantage of providing some light while you are walking or working outside, and if your puppy becomes bored he can simply roll out of the crate.

Some people prefer plastic crates because they are less likely to become chewed than metal crates. Wire mesh wire cages tend to be a little bit more durable than the plastic variety, although wire is not as rust resistant as steel. You should check the wire mesh before you buy it to see how long it will last and if it is easily cut or torn. If the crate is going to be used frequently, you may want to consider buying a crate with a lock.

If you choose a metal crate, there are several things you need to be aware of. If you put a dog in a metal crate that has no secure closing device, he could easily escape through a door in the side of the crate. If your puppy’s crate is going to be used as a sleeping area for overnight trips, you should use a padlock to close the door. Even if your puppy is only confined to his crate occasionally, you should close the door to avoid trips out. If your dog spends more time outside your home (say when you take him for an occasional walk) you may want to invest in a plastic tray to place in his crate so he does not have to worry about how to get out.

Most dogs are easily able to escape their wire crates. It is very rare for one to escape through the side or top of a wire mesh crate. However, it is still a good idea to close tightly the top so the dogs cannot get out. Many dogs will give up eventually. It is also a good idea to get some strong tape and glue (even nails) and use these to stick the bars to your walls of the crate.

How to build a puppy crate can seem like a tough job if you have never done it before. You should know though, that when you are looking at various different types of crates, the ones that are the most durable are the ones that are the sturdiest on their sides and at the top. The side tables of the durable crates will be the most sturdy so they can easily be put on top of the wire bars. The sturdy end tables will also help keep your puppy away from the sides of the crate and allow you to place food and water dishes on them easily.

The best option is probably going to be the most inexpensive and the most durable. It is going to be the folding wire crates. Folding crates are good because they are not as durable as the rigid crate but they are still sturdy and work great for crate training. The biggest thing to think about with the folding one is whether it is going to fold up into a smaller size than you would like. There are plenty of folding wire crates that are not too small to take with you when you travel.

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