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How to Choose the Best Dog Food for Yorkshire Terrier Pups

So, what is the best dog food for Yorkshire terriers? It depends largely on what you feed them. If you feed your dog commercial brand food, they will be fed what is considered to be a high protein dog food. These types of foods are very high in fat and carbohydrates. The problem with these types of food is that the fats in them will get into the dog’s blood stream and cause health problems. The carbohydrates that are in them cause bloating, diarrhea, weight gain and can also cause your dog’s breath to smell bad.

Many customers like to feed their dogs a diet that is comprised of many different types of grains and vegetables. The problem is that many of these grain and vegetable choices are unhealthy for dogs. The best options for these customers include brown rice, whole wheat bread and even oatmeal. Many owners feed their dogs a combination of all whole grains including oats and bran because it contains the minerals and vitamins that their dogs need to stay healthy. Some of these grain options also contain lower calories.

Dogs that are fed a steady diet of commercial brands food with no modifications to the ingredients will develop health problems and may not live past 10 years old. Owners of Yorkshire terriers should not let their dogs starve themselves because of a lack of proper nutrition. Yorkshire terriers need a proper balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

There are two kinds of chicken that most owners feed to their pets. One is the regular white chicken that has been grown and killed specifically for consumption as pet foods. The other kind of chicken is the “long” white chicken that is raised for its meat. Both breeds have similar nutritional needs.

It is best to avoid “meat byproducts” in the Yorkshire terrier’s diet. This word refers to the leftover meal from the bird’s carcass. This often contains a high percentage of fat and can be unhealthy for dogs. You should instead look for chicken byproduct recipes in books or on the internet.

Chicken meal, fish meal, turkey meal and bison’s milk are good sources of protein for your dog food. Fish and turkey are rich in fatty oils and this is something your Yorkie does not need. Some pet food manufacturers use the term “meat byproducts” to describe the leftovers from processing but it is better to get your dog food in its purest form from trusted brand names. The best dog food for Yorkshire terriers contains premium ingredients like chicken, lamb, bison, venison, elk, goose and turkey breast meat.

The next thing you should look out for is the moisture content of the main ingredient. Check the label to make sure the ingredient lists the percentage of moisture (water) it contains. You also need to check the safety of the ingredients as well as the dosage stipulated on the label. Some dog foods contain large amounts of byproducts like dyes and preservatives, which can be harmful to dogs. Dry dog food with a high moisture content can actually cause diarrhea.

A Yorkshire terrier pup needs more protein than a regular human toddler, so look out for a dog food that offers more quality proteins like lamb, bison, deer antler, venison and bison to help increase the protein level. These types of proteins are also rich in vitamins and minerals your dog needs for proper nutrition. A dog that suffers from pancreatitis is also a prime candidate for proper nutrition as pancreas has the responsibility of removing toxins from the blood to prevent fluid retention and inflammation of the pancreas. Proper nutrition also helps reduce the risk of cancer, obesity, diabetes, liver disease and other degenerative diseases. If you care about your dog’s health, take care of him by choosing the best dog food for Yorkshire terrier puppies.

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