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How To Choose The Perfect Dog Breed For You?

Do you want to know about the best type of dog breeds? You are at the right place to get answer for your question. First thing first, let me tell you that different dog breeds can be good for different purposes. They all have their own traits and characteristics which makes them different from each other. Here is a list of most common dog breeds in the world:

Toy Dog Breeds Small Dog Breed: Most puppies or younger dogs feel like being played with or being handled by their owners. They feel like they are being loved and are very protective of their owners. If you always have a soft place or outdoor playing ground then you will probably choose the stuffed toy dog breeds.

If you want to have more active and playful dog then you should get a Great Dane. They have the most friendly behavior and would make great companions for children. If you are into sports or outdoor activities and do not have much time to train your dog then you should definitely get a Yorkshire Terrier. This type of dog breeds feel like being part of a family and are very affectionate towards their masters.

Another type of dog breeds are the Miniature Dog Breeds. They have very cute physical features but they are not as strong as the other type of dog breeds in terms of personality. They are very loving and cuddly and they become perfect companions for kids. If you want a physically strong dog then you should go for Labradors or Golden Retrievers.

If you want your dog to be smarter, stronger and more energetic you should get a Pug or Labrador. These types of dog breeds are very intelligent and very playful. You can also buy a Jack Russell Terrier or a Malinois to be ideal companions for your office workers and employees that you rarely see in public.

If you are not very busy and you would like to have a companion that is always there to protect you and protect the things you value most then you should get a Family Pet Dog. This type of dog is perfect to be left alone by yourself and would not feel guilty about guarding your belongings. It is also perfect if you are a working professional and you want your employee to be able to get some sleep and still be able to complete their daily tasks. It would be best if you would get a German Shepherd or a Portuguese Water Dog as your Family Pets. They are very loyal to their masters and would not bark incessantly.

If neither of the previous two mentioned would be perfect for you need a dog that is obedient and can be on command, then a Non Dominant Type Dog would be the right one for you. These dogs are usually from the Toy, Birdie, Boxer and the Papillons breeds of dogs. These dogs are very calm when it comes to controlling their owners. So even if you would have them as your pets at home they would still be non-dominant in the sense that they would not try to control you in anyway.

Finally, if none of these mentioned types of dog breeds would suit your preferences then you can still choose from the remaining type of dog breeds which are known as the dominant type of dog breeds which include the Terrier, Rottweiler, Labrador Retriever and the Great Dane. They are very protective and loyal to their masters but they tend to be aggressive towards other dogs and even strangers. Some of the reasons why some people would choose these dogs are because they are very easy to train, they are very loving and understanding and they are very forgiving. Most of them are very healthy. If ever you encounter a dog like this one then always remember that training is very important and that you should never discipline them severely if ever they don’t listen to what you want.

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