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How To Cure Heartworm For Dogs

Heartworm is one of several types of canine tapeworms. It is a blood parasitic worm that lives in the heart and liver of dogs. Adult heartworms can be found inside the heart, lung, or pulmonary artery of infected dogs. Occasionally, worms can also be found inside other areas of the heart’s body. Male worms are about half an inch long (3mm) and a quarter inch wide (about the width of a pencil eraser).

Most dogs will contract heartworm infection by eating contaminated pet food. Dogs can also be infected by coming in contact with contaminated soil during a walk or playground visit. Tapeworms that have already established themselves in dogs’ hearts and livers may also be transmitted from one dog to another by sharing utensils, grooming, or traveling in an infected dog’s litter. The most common type of heartworm infects the dog’s bloodstream. Other types have been found on dogs’ skin, intestine, and lungs.

How to cure heartworm for dogs depends on the type of work involved and the stage of infection. Infected dogs must be observed closely and treated promptly if they do not respond favorably. Treatment options depend upon the location of the heartworm infestation. For example, the dog may die soon after diagnosis if the worm is located in the lungs. A treatment plan for adult female dogs is given below.

Adults need two months to recover from the disease. Three months of treatment are recommended for puppies. If the adult heartworm has not spread to the liver or spleen, then the dogs can be cured within three to six months. Some heartworm infections affect puppies that are still nursing. However, this rarely occurs because the puppy is usually cured once the other organs are healed.

In order to prevent a heartworm infection, it is important to know the mosquito that carries them. These insects are called “vector mosquitoes” because they feed on heartworm larvae and adult mosquitoes. These insects lay their eggs in springs, droughts, and creeks where they feed on animals and human beings. When finding mosquitoes feeding on animals and humans, it is best to try to identify the species involved in the infestation so as to avoid spreading the disease to other animals and people.

How to cure heartworm for dogs should begin after finding the source of the infestation. This could be a dog scratching at its abdomen while wet or a dog jumping on aedes. Once the larvae are ingested, they need to be eliminated through injections with medicine. To eliminate adult mosquitoes, which lay eggs in soil, spray the area with insecticides. Lastly, for treating an existing worm infection in a dog, the use of prescribed medications should be sought after.

If there is a history of heartworm disease in the family, there are chances of acquiring the disease from older members of the household. To prevent such a problem from occurring, the dog must have received a clean bill of health when it was born. It is also advisable to examine the animal thoroughly to make sure there is no larvae in the intestines or body. If there is, the animal must be separated from other dogs and allowed to live in a different environment for a minimum of one month. The owner must ensure that the pet regularly receives vaccinations to prevent the infestation from occurring again.

It is advisable to use a topical treatment such as Isotretinoin during the first six months of life and once the condition has emerged into adulthood, it must be discontinued. Isotretinoin can cause birth defects in puppies and can worsen existing infections by causing a reduction in blood flow to the heart. As soon as the treatment stops, the infection should clear up by itself within two months. If the puppies do not respond well, repeat the treatment using an alternative insecticide.

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