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How To Kennel Training Your Puppy

If you are new to the idea of how to kennel and puppy training your puppy, you might be thinking, “What’s the big deal? It’s just one step. Besides, it’s just a dog house.” The fact that it is just a dog house does not mean it’s not as important to your puppy training. In fact, it is just as important.

It is very important for your puppy to have a “home,” an area in which he can feel safe and protected. This “den” must be clean and dry, with no holes or cracks in it. It must be a place where you can be and you can get your chores accomplished. This is very important when it comes to house breaking and potty training your puppy. You want to keep these areas scented and free of odors, and your dog will thank you for it once he’s been housebroken.

The first thing you need to do is find a good puppy crate, like a dog kennel, and get your puppy used to being in it. Try putting him in his kennel while you are cooking dinner. Allow him some room to move around, but close the door so he can’t get out. Once dinner is done, take him out to his kennel and close the door again. This will create a sense of security for your puppy, and this is one of the keys to housebreaking and potty training your puppy.

When you first get puppy home, set up the rules and expectations for him. One of these is where he can go to the bathroom. That should be the first place he goes in the house after you clean up. This creates a sense of belonging for puppy. If he knows where he has to go to the bathroom, it’s less likely he’s going to have an accident there.

The next thing you need to do when housebreaking and potty training your puppy is crate training. A puppy crate is very easy to create, and you can buy them fairly cheap at your local pet store or on line. Puppy crates are very helpful because puppy can’t hold on to too much before he wants to relieve himself. He may just urinate on the floor or on something else in his crate, which would be a lot of mess to clean up.

You want to start crate training while puppy is still a puppy. Take puppy out every couple of hours, and take him outside to his potty spot. When puppy gets in the habit of going outside to do his business, you can increase the periods of time that you keep him outside. After about a month, puppy will probably realize that he doesn’t have to go inside if he’s done what’s expected of him.

When you house train your puppy, you also want to be consistent. If you are always going to be gone when puppy needs to use the bathroom, puppy will eventually get the idea that the only place he can have his bathroom is in your company. Be sure to be consistent with your training, so that puppy doesn’t confuse you. He needs to know exactly what to expect from you. When you come home tired and stressed, puppy may start misbehaving in an attempt to get your attention.

Housebreaking and potty training your puppy is not hard. It just takes some time, patience, and consistency on your part. Try to be positive and remember, even after housebreaking your puppy, you must praise him to encourage him to do what’s expected of him when you’re home.

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