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How to Kennel Your Dog

If you are new to dog crate training then this is a brief article on the subject. It details the benefits of using a dog crate and why it is important that you should use one. It also gives a short overview of the basics of dog training and what type of results you can expect. By reading this article you will be placed in a better position to decide whether you need to use a dog crate for Trimming Your Dog’s Nails or if you can do the job without it.

The first question that must be asked when asking how to kennel training your dog is whether it is a good idea to allow your dog to roam free. Many people make the mistake of letting their dogs free of their crates when they are only going to be gone for a short while. This is especially dangerous for smaller dogs as they are not used to being far from their people. It is important therefore that you only leave them in their crates for a few hours at a time. You can then lock the door to try and control any untoward occurrences.

The next step in dog training is the introduction of the kennel itself. A kennel is just like a large dog cage but with an added door. This door is an essential part of dog training because it allows the dog to move out of the dog crate if it becomes uncomfortable or feels that its space has been taken over. You should however not lock the door once your dog is in the kennel.

When asking how to kennel traning your dog, it is also important to note that you should not force your dog into the dog crate. Dogs are naturally suspicious of strangers, so it is important that you establish your dominance over the dog before putting it into the dog crate. First, show the dog that you are in charge and that you are the leader of the pack. Be firm in your stance and remain in the position for the duration of the dog training session. Once the dog has accepted its place in the hierarchy, you can then introduce the dog into the kennel.

Some people advocate leaving the dog inside the kennel until it is fully grown. This is fine as long as you use a leash and keep a safe distance from the dog during this period. As the dog matures, you can slowly begin to take the dog outside the dog crate. Just be sure to keep a safe distance and not to pull the dog back in. Never force the dog into the kennel or you run the risk of scaring it. If the dog is afraid, it will only fear you when it returns to the crate.

Once the dog is fully acclimated to its new home inside the kennel, it is time to introduce it to the crate again. Have a cup of water and some dog treats ready in case the dog does not quickly take to the crate. Once the dog starts to see the door to the kennel as a welcome place, you can slowly close the door. You should take care not to be too harsh as the dog could view the actions as aggression and snap at the door to its crate.

Forcing the dog into the kennel may only lead to confusion and possibly anger. You should use your voice with the dog gently in order to calm it down. Remind the dog that it is not suppose to stay in the kennel and that it is only there to eat and drink. The dog should be kept informed of your progress in teaching the dog how to kennel its own dog. This will help the dog to eventually understand that it will have to get its dog kennel on its own terms.

The last step in learning how to kennel your dog is to reward your dog with love and a pat when it exhibits a desirable behavior. Patience is the key when it comes to training your dog. You will need to be patient for it to learn the dog kennel trick. If you force the dog into the kennel, it may react badly. Keep in mind that the dog has to feel comfortable. After all, it needs to feel safe when it is in the kennel with you.

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