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How to Prevent Distemper in Dogs – Proper Care and Treatment of Your Pet

Learning how to prevent distemper in dogs is very important because this deadly dog disease is highly contagious. Distemper affects both dogs and cats. The only way to be sure that your dog does not get distemper is by being sure on the regimen of dog vaccines. This article will provide some tips on how to avoid distemper in dogs.

How to Prevent Distemper in Dogs: To be able to know how to prevent distemper in dogs, it is important to know that this is a transmittable disease. It can be spread to other animals and even people. This means that even though distemper is affecting dogs, it can still be passed from one pet to another. You should always remember to clean up after your dogs especially if they have diarrhea. Clean up the stool thoroughly and remove all traces of the feces. Make sure that you wash your hands well especially after cleaning the anus of your dogs to avoid getting the disease.

How to Prevent Distemper in Dogs: Being a responsible pet parent, you should also take care of your dog’s diet. This means that you should give them food that is approved for puppies. Avoid feeding your pet dog’s leftovers or scraps from other people or animals. Feed them fresh food especially when it is time for vaccination. Keep your pet’s water bowl clean at all times. Distemper can be easily transmitted from one animal to another if there are unhygienic conditions.

How to Prevent Distemper in Dogs: You should not get distemper vaccine during the first two weeks of pregnancy. Instead, wait until the puppies are nine weeks old or older before giving them the vaccine. If you think that your dog might have this disease, then you should immediately bring it to the vet for proper diagnosis. If you find out that your dog has the disease but is still healthy, then you should contact your vet to give your dog the proper treatment. Giving medication early can save your dog’s life.

How to Prevent Distemper in Dogs: To prevent distemper in dogs, it is important that you keep your pet clean. Clean the anal area of your dog daily using a soft brush. Brushing will stimulate a bowel movement, which will prevent distemper from affecting your dog’s health. Always keep the anal area of your dog free from moisture to prevent the growth of bacteria. Try to give your dog good ventilation as well.

How to Prevent Distemper in Dogs: The last thing that you need to know about this distemper is that puppies can also catch the disease. Although puppies cannot get this disease, they are still exposed to the disease through other pets and dogs that have the disease. When you house train your puppy, make sure that you supervise him carefully and make sure that he doesn’t wander off. Puppies are more prone to wander because they don’t yet have control over their bladder and bowels.

How to Prevent Distemper in Dogs: Another important tip on how to prevent distemper in dogs is vaccination. During the earlier stages of life, distemper affects dogs less frequently compared to the adult dogs. This means that you should vaccinate your puppy when it is still a puppy. Some vets recommend that you get vaccinated after it has been four months old. Once the distemper virus reaches the adult stage, it will be too late to treat the puppies.

How to Prevent Distemper in Dogs: It is important for pet parents to know how to prevent distemper in dogs because this is a serious disease caused by dogs and not by bugs or viruses. If you suspect that your pet might have the disease, it is important for you to isolate it right away. Distemper in dogs spreads very fast, so you should take immediate action once you see symptoms. It is always best to consult your vet for proper treatment. The vet will give your dog an anti-distemper medication and then you will take measures so that your dog can avoid catching distemper again.

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