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How to Teach Your Dog to Come – Fast and Easy

Teaching how to teach your dog to come, does not have to be a painful chore. Dogs love to please their owners and will usually try to locate the best possible opportunity to do so. As a result, many dogs end up as part of the household staff. How to teach your dog to always come? This article will help answer that question and also elaborate on some dog training basics.

Most dogs would love nothing more than to be harnessed, leashed and rewarded for behaving appropriately. You can rest assured your fur ball is in good hands with us but the real world is far more unpredictable. Doors are often opened and other animals walk into it s without our noticing, plus there are many other distractions to contend with! For these reasons, it’s important to teach your dog the difference between appropriate rewards (food, praise, treats) and rewards that are inappropriate or mean. Because you want your dog to be consistent, it’s crucial to reward him every time he meets a potential challenge correctly.

Praise is an essential part of dog training and is an important part of how to teach your dog to come. As soon as your dog responds positively to your commands’, immediately remove him from the training area and give him some praise. Do not use the typical treat-based praise such as “good boy!” Use this praise with a firm voice and a firm hand, indicating that if he responds positively he must stay where he is.

Say “yes” when he displays an appropriate behavior. Dogs have a natural tendency to want to please their owners, and this should be your primary incentive. If you don’t want to scold him or have him punished for doing something incorrect, you can simply say “yes” when he exhibits the desired behavior. This is a much better method than having to physically punish him. Your dog will soon associate saying “yes” with the reward and will continue to respond when given the reward in the future.

When you are out walking with your dog, keep in mind that he needs to be distracted from potential distractions. If there is any activity that takes his attention away from the road, he needs to be distracted. For instance, if you are riding in your car and he is constantly looking at the dashboard, try popping the windows of the car several times during your ride to prevent him from focusing on the road.

It is also important that you keep the leash loose at all times, especially while walking next to busy roads and intersections. This is because dogs have a tendency to instinctively run away from distracting activity if they do not have their leash tight. If you do not have the option of keeping the leash loose, consider attaching a small bell to your collar that is attached to positive reinforcement. If your dog follows your instructions, he will get the reward he desires whenever you tell him to ‘come’.

A more traditional way to train your dog to come is through praise and treats. This involves yelling “come” while offering the treat and encouraging him by giving him positive reinforcement. You can also run in front of him and lead with your body in a beckoning motion. If your dog runs away, immediately come in front of him and call his name once. Do this repeatedly until he starts to understand that he should always follow you. Praise him profusely as a reward, and continue to repeat the commands until he has fully understood what you expect of him.

Make sure that you only provide treats for him indoors, where he would not be able to have access to treats outside. Fresh fruit and water are good options to offer, and you can even offer a treat whenever he performs a recall or a task inside your home. However, stay away from snacks such as chocolate, peanut butter or grapes because dogs do not appreciate these types of tastes. In fact, some may develop serious illnesses if they are exposed to too much of this type of food. You can also add a few drops of essential oil to your treats in order to further encourage his innate sense of security and your desire for his obedience.

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