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How to Teach Your Dog to Come With No Reward?

Teaching your dog to come is a challenge. It can be one of the most fun things you do with your dog, but also very challenging. You may be asking yourself how you can teach your dog to come when he’s disobedient. Teaching your dog to come is just as important as training him to be obedient in other aspects of his life.

Reliable recall training: Your dog is more likely to learn how to come if you have established reliable recall training. Some dogs are very obedient, but lack the important qualities of reliability. Others are not very reliable, but still learn the important qualities of reliability and trustworthiness. We can rest assure that our fur babies is in good hands with us but sometimes the outside world is just far more unpredictable. Doors are opened and others exist who may not be so fair.

Be in control and treat him like a king or queen: If you want to teach your dog the how to come when he’s running away, the best thing you can do is establish yourself as the pack leader. All other members of your pack act respectful toward you, so treat your dog well. When he runs away, don’t follow him; just get down on your knees and wait for him to come to you. In the meantime, establish yourself as pack leader and let him know that it’s best for him to come to you if he wants to. If he runs away again, treat him well again.

Walk your dog near you with constant attention on his behavior, then go to another room. Have someone distract your dog with a toy while you walk him along a short distance from you. Then when he starts to run towards you, immediately bring him back to you using a recall and praise.

If you don’t want to use treats, just try a simple command like “come” followed by a firm “stay”. The key here is consistency. Practice this command until it’s second nature and then you’ll be able to move on to other commands. The “come” command works better when your pup has confidence in his recall. If your pup has no confidence in his recall, the only other option is to use a treat.

How to teach your dog to share affection with you and another person. You might need to practice this when your pup is a very young puppy. The “speak” command works well if you can establish yourself as the pack leader. Your dog must be able to hear you perfectly, be loud enough without attracting attention and have the ability to distinguish between friend and foe. If your pup can distinguish friend from foe, then you will have succeeded in training him to share affection.

This training is much easier to teach when you use a leash. However, if your dog is nervous or timid, leash training may not be your best bet. If that is the case, you may want to go for the “speak” command which is easier to master.

The reward system is a great way to train your dog to come. If your pup comes when called, you give him a treat and then encourage him with a “good boy!” Once he has established that he comes when called, then you can start using the rewards. The reward is a dog toy which you can hide in his favorite place. Treats and praise are effective, but they will not work as well if your pup is fearful or nervous.

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