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How to Teach Your Dog to Lay Down on His Own

Teaching your dog how to lay down safely whenever requested is an extremely important dog training skill to teach them. Not only is this useful in preventing undesirable behaviors like door stepping, but it is also an excellent way to improve settled, calm behavior in your dog. This article will teach dog training beginners how to teach your dog to lay down safely and gently.

Dogs are very social animals. They require proximity in order to thrive and enjoy good health. This is why teaching your small dog how to behave properly is so important. It not only provides you with the knowledge of proper behavior, it also eliminates the possibility of unwanted behavior problems in the future. Here are some simple ways you can teach your dog the appropriate behavior.

Begin by sittinguate him at a small table or area. Have treats in hand and make sure that your dog is aware that he is in the correct behavior class. This dog training technique works best if your dog is immediatelybehaving.

Praise your dog for being a good boy when he picks up his food lure and continues to the food lure even after you tell him “no.” Your dog needs to learn that good behavior gets positive rewards. Once he learns that good behavior gets treats, he will eventually get the idea that he can do the same when given a choice between his food and his nose.

The next thing you want to teach your dog is to sit when given the opportunity. This is the foundation for all other lessons, but this step is critical. As you begin your dog’s obedience training, you should be practicing sitting for many lessons in a row, even after the first lesson where he did not perform the trick correctly. Your goal is to build his confidence so that he will look forward to practicing during each lesson.

When he is sitting down, you want to start the reward system by giving him a treat immediately when he lies down. Practice this over until you have him lying down with the treat when he obeys the command to sit. Try to take him out for a walk as well so that you can see how he reacts when he hears the command “lie down.” Keep in mind that it is much more enjoyable for him to do what you want him to do when you are around, so encourage him to keep practicing. After all, he wants to be obedient, and nothing is worse than hearing “no” from him when you are around.

Another way you can teach him to lie down is to use the clicker as a leash and reward him verbally as he complies. The clicker will create a high value treat for him, so use your clicker immediately after he finishes the behavior that you want him to perform. Praise him verbally as he demonstrates the behavior that you want him to exhibit. For example, say “Good boy!” and give him the large dog treat.

Training your dog how to lie down is a wonderful skill to teach any dog. It is a wonderful way to bond with him and give him his own space so that he can relax and enjoy himself while you are teaching him tricks. If he performs any of the tricks correctly, you will both be learning. A well trained dog is one that listens and responds to you. You will both love being able to control your dog in this manner.

It is important that you use the verbal marker when you are attempting to teach him these skills. This works great because it keeps the behavior consistent. When you click your verbal marker, immediately give the desired response so that he associates the sound with a pleasant experience. So, if you click your dog when he starts sniffing then you should immediately give him a treat. The more times you repeat the behavior, the more ingrained the association between the command and the rewarding response. Once your pooch has learned that the sound of his own bark is followed by a treat then you will be able to use this method whenever you want to teach him a new behavior.

Another good pro tip for lying down is to practice in front of a mirror. Stand in front of a mirror and watch yourself while you practice this behavior. This will reinforce the fact that lying down is a very positive and appropriate behavior for your dog. Once your dog has started to lie down, then you can take him to an area where there are other dogs around. Now, pretend like they are not there.

Then, using your hands or a treats that you have prepared beforehand, call your dog over to your shoulder and stand beside him. While he is standing still, say a phrase such as “down”, while extending your arm out towards the dog and offering a treat. If he goes over onto your shoulder, say the word again while pulling back on your arm just in time to give him the treat. Once your dog has performed the trick you can now give him the reward. This is a great way to teach your dog to lie down and stay down.

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