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How to Teach Your Puppy Sit

Teaching how to teach your puppy to sit requires patience and persistence. It is probably the most difficult tasks you will ever undertake as a dog owner, but you must try. OK! There’s it in a nutshell. The fastest ways to teach your puppy to sit, stay, and stay.

Patience The one thing you have to remember when training your puppies is that they learn slowly. You want to be patient because this is their nature. You may have to start in only small steps. For example, let your puppy stay on the leash for a little longer each day until he has learned to sit calmly. This may take several days or even a week. You want to build up to long periods of sitting down gradually.

Start by using treats to lure your dog into the sitting position. Have treats handy in your house. When your dog shows an interest in the lure, give it to him. If you have any treats that go off quickly, consider freezing them. Be sure they are not chewed pieces of paper though. That would be just awful!

Now use the same treat to lure him into standing and waiting. Do this repeatedly until he gets the idea. When he sits or stands, reward him with his next treat and continue the training. Continue in this manner until you can successfully teach him both sit and stay. This should take several weeks or months of practicing.

Patience Using a command like stay can help keep your dog from being distracted by other dogs or things around the house. Be sure to be consistent with the command and do not mix up the words or meanings. Be patient with him. Once he has mastered this command, using the same command to bring him to a sit or to stay may seem unnecessary. That is why it is important to stick to the command if you wish your dog to learn it. Eventually he will master it and you will not have to say the command.

Be Positive praises and rewards are excellent when training puppies. Use positive reinforcement such as petting, treats and toys to help keep their mind focused on the task at hand. They respond positively to the sound of your voice, your tone of voice and your words. Praise them when they do what you ask without expecting anything in return.

Teach him to Sit While he is Sitting Consider having your dog lie down next to a chair. Then, with your hand covering his nose, give him a sit. The next thing to do is to move the dog’s backside to where you want him to sit. This could simply be done by raising his rear end up onto your knee. If he moves to the side, then you can bring him back to sitting position with a treat in your other hand.

Teaching how to teach your puppy to sit is very easy. You must remember to be patient, kind and consistent. With a little patience and consistency, your pup will learn the command before you know it. It will teach him that obeying your commands means more than just food rewards.

In addition to teaching your pup the command, you should also train him on how to walk properly. Make sure he knows how far he can go before breaking any of the rule. When he gets older, you can start training him to walk on a loose leash, as well as using the stop and go method to teach him the sit command. Never forget to give your dog praise for every successful maneuver. Be careful not to give him too much praise though. He will soon get confused and will start thinking that he’s doing the right thing when he receives more positive attention than negative.

Keep in mind that young puppies have small lungs and need to be outside for fresh air all day long. If they receive too much physical stimulation and are not given a chance to go outside to get fresh air, they will develop lung problems later in life. This is why you must be extremely patient when training your puppy. As mentioned earlier, distractions are the biggest obstacle between you and your dog. Dogs love to play with you, but they will become restless if you continuously distract them from their play.

When your dog understands the sit command, you simply need to release the release cue to his nose. When he pulls ahead, release the cue and give him another treat. Continue doing this until he understands what you’re asking of him. Keep in mind that dogs have a short attention span so make sure that everything you do is gradual and consistent.

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