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How to Teach Your Puppy to Sit – Step Two

Teaching your puppy to sit is one of the most important dog training tips for those who own small dogs or puppies. No dog owner likes to see their pet is lying down, whimpering, or doing anything they shouldn’t be doing. Teaching your puppy sit will not only make you a far happier dog owner, but it will help eliminate problems with housebreaking your puppy and keeping your home clean. So, what are the best ways to teach your puppy to sit?

Small treats are one of the first things you should try when training your dog to stay on a chair. Start by placing small treats near the top of the stairs leading to the main part of the house. Once your dog starts to notice small treats around the stairs, they will begin to associate the stairs with sitting and relaxing. Dogs that have never been taught to stay in thesit position may not understand this association, so starting with small treats will help overcome this problem.

You will also want to start using a command word instead of a treat. A common command word is “sit.” Begin to say this word as you hold a treat above the dog’s head. The dog should then sit and respond to your command. If they look up at you with any kind of inquisitive look, stop the teaching process. They aren’t responding correctly, so they are not learning.

When teaching them how to sit, you should begin by holding the treat above their head. Your dog should look directly at you and not at the ground. When they begin to notice the treat above their head, you will want to give them a treat to reward for standing. Do not use a treat for a treat, as this is counterproductive to the entire dog training process.

Your dog should remain sitting until you remove the treat from above their head. Repeat this several times, keeping the dog’s attention focused on you. If you need to, you can use a distraction that forces your dog to concentrate, such as waving a bag of treats in front of them. Be sure not to switch the distraction during this process, as the dog may become confused. It is better to keep them focused on you.

In order to teach your dog how to sit using clicker training, you will need to find a quiet place, such as your kitchen, and then instruct them to “sit.” Click the clicker near the dog’s nose. This will give them the reinforce to sit down without being distracted by other noises. As the dog sits down, give a short verbal correction followed by a treat or a toy. Repeat this several times, keeping the dog’s attention focused on you.

When your dog is comfortable with the Sit command, you can begin teaching him to heel. To teach this command, stand on your lead, but not tight, and then say, “Floor” in a calm voice while giving your dog a positive reward. As the dog enters heel position, give the command for him to heal and you should repeat the process. Be sure not to get too frustrated if he does not heal immediately, as you need to build up his confidence.

The final step in this how to teach your puppy to sit series is to teach him to follow you with his eyes closed. To begin, stand still with your lead in front of you, but not tight. Then, open your mouth, but not widely, so that your dog can see and understand you. With your heels together, give the Stay command and wait for him to enter the sitting position, then give the Follow command and reward him with a treat or a toy.

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