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How to Train Your Dog Obedience

How to train your dog is a question some dog owners struggle with. The truth is that there is no one right way to train dogs. Every dog is different, which means there is no “one size fits all” approach. This also makes it very difficult to give advice on how to train your dog obedience. If you are a new dog owner or just want some additional ideas on how to train your dog, continue reading this article.

Can you teach your dog good behavior? Absolutely! There are so many little things that you can teach your dog to make it a better pet. You can also learn how to teach your dog basic commands, good manners, and even fun tricks.

The most popular method used by dog owners in America is called ” praising ” rewarding ” their puppy when they do things right. Puppies are creatures of habit. When they know what is expected of them, they are much less likely to forget. When you reward your pup for a simple task like sitting or rolling over, the dog knows what is expected of him and can be more obedient. Using positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior in your puppies will make it easier over time to teach them basic commands like sit and stay.

Once you have taught your dog simple commands, you will need to get them on a leash. The basic command that you should use to teach them how to sit on the leash is sitting. Begin by having them sit at your command. Let them sit down and repeat the command.

Do not confuse “sit” with “stay.” It is easier to train a dog to sit with treats than it is to teach them to stay. To teach a dog to sit on the leash you will need to use the command “come.” You then take the treats that your dog likes and give them to your pup. Repeat this exercise over until your dog learns his sit command.

A good trick to get your dog to learn a command is to pretend that you want them to perform the command. Tell him that he is going to get a treat and tell him to sit. Praise your pup for sitting down every time he hears this command. Once your dog has started to understand what you are trying to teach him, you can start using the command consistently.

After your dog has learned to sit on the leash and has learned to respond to a verbal command, you may want to try teaching him other commands. There are many fun exercises you can use while training your dog to do new tricks and this one is perfect for your pup. Have your dog lie down next to a magazine or book and then move the magazine close to him and say the command. If he does not sit still move the book closer and then say the command. After your dog does this several times to show him that he is getting rewarded with a treat.

When you teach your dog these basic dog training commands you will have him obeying you in no time. Start small by using only one of these commands. Go slowly at first. As you progress to use more complicated commands. Reward your dog as soon as he obeys a command successfully.

The second type of training involves sharing affection. Again start with very simple commands and just keep the treat close to you. You can use the command “speak” for this exercise. Have your dog lie down next to you on the floor. Then bring your leg up and press your knee against his leg until his back is touching the ground. At this point, you can pet and talk to him as he lies there waiting for you to give him the treat.

Each time you repeat the exercise, you should reward your dog with a treat. Continue the repetition until you can do it without saying the word “speak”. Eventually you will get to the point where you can command your dog to say stay, sit, come and all of them at the same time. With patience and persistent practice you will be able to command your dog to say these words by just saying the word. As you get closer to having complete control over your dog, you can start using the command to stop unwanted things from happening.

One of the most popular training techniques used today uses positive reinforcement in combination with verbal praise to reinforce training. When using positive reinforcement for training your dog the trainer is praising the behavior that is desirable. For example, if your dog goes in the house, the trainer will praise him for sitting and then rewarding him with a treat when he stays in the house.

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