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Is It Cruel to Crate a Dog at Night?

How much do you love your dog? You probably shower him with affection on a daily basis. He probably receives a lot of love from you. Most likely, you have never thought twice about the dogs crate in your backyard. It is probably because you never knew there was a different way of caring for your dog. There are many things that can make crate dog at night acceptable and one of them is getting to know your dog and understanding his behavior.

Dogs sleep for an average of eight hours per day. Your dog could be barking and howling up a storm, which sounds like he is being constantly tortured. So, is it cruel to crate a dog at night to keep him from waking up every few hours? If your dog is sleeping and snoozing, it may sound like a nightmare.

Some dogs will start to howl at night when they are tired or need to use the bathroom. Others dogs, however, will not have this problem. The main reason behind this is that dogs use their bladders approximately ten hours a day. If they were allowed to use the bathroom during the daytime, their bladders would be completely full at night and they would not be able to go to the bathroom during the night. It is natural for dogs to hold their bladders until they are able to go to the bathroom during the night.

So what is the solution to this? The answer is crating your dog at night. Crating is very effective and it will help to restore your dog’s bladder control. You will notice that your dog begins to calm down and relax when he is in his crate. Once crating your dog has been established for three days, you will then be able to crate your dog during the night and he will no longer have the problem of holding his bladder.

After you crate your puppy, you will want to get him used to his new home and bed. During the first couple of days, the puppy will need to sleep in his crate on a regular basis. Once he has acclimated himself to his new sleeping area and a bed, you can try to let him out of his crate during the night.

There are a few crating methods that you can use to crate train an older dog. One method is called the “crate and let out” technique. Basically, the dog stays in his crate during the night but you can let him out at a certain time during the night. This technique is great for dogs that have been house broken and that are not accustomed to sleeping in a crate.

The second method of crating young puppies is to use a toy. There are many chew toys available today that can be used as a crating tool. However, some young puppies may have problems with chewing on certain types of chew toys. In this case, you will need to supervise the puppy while he is using this method. You will want to make sure that the puppy is not given any chewing toys that are too small for him.

If you find that you are unable to crate train your dog in a traditional manner, you may want to consider crating him in a doggy daycare type of situation. A doggy daycare service will allow your dog to go to bed and to play inside a safe environment. Although this type of crating does not usually work, it is a last resort. If you are unable to crate train your dog for whatever reason, you may want to consider enrolling your dog in an obedience school.

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