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Is it Cruel to Crate A Puppy at Daycare?

One of the most important things about crate puppy care is that puppies cannot be forced to sleep in them. Many owners make the mistake of confining their puppies in crates for hours at a time. This can be very detrimental to the puppies health and should not be practiced. Puppy can become stressed out very easily. Stress can lead to behavioral problems such as chewing, barking and even biting.

It is not uncommon for a puppy to feel like it is trapped during the night when it is kept in a crate. It is normal for puppies to feel this way. However, they are not being starved to death, nor are they being abused. These emotional issues will subside as the puppy grows.

When puppies are young, they will need to be placed in a crate for protection. They were unable to roam the home when they were a puppy. The goal is to place them in their crate at night for protection, and to control where they are at night. You should confine your dog to its crate for no more than ten to fifteen minutes. Anything longer than this may be too much of a confinement and can cause your dog to lose its trust.

Dogs do not want to be left alone or feel abandoned. This is why you should always leave your puppy with you when you go out. Leaving your puppy on your bed, on the couch or anywhere else is unacceptable. This will lead to barking, whining and destructive behavior. In addition, leaving the crate door open when you are gone will confuse your dogs and cause anxiety.

When you decide to take your puppy to the vet for a check up, you will need to crate your puppy when you are there. Setting your puppy up in its crate is not cruel, it is petting. Your puppy needs to feel loved and secured when visiting the vet. A great place to have your puppy is in its crate during the exam. The vet will be able to see your dog much better and can make an accurate diagnosis much faster.

Although crate training is not cruel to your puppy, some dogs do not respond well to it. Some dogs will become anxious or nervous when you enter the crate during the time that you are taking medications. You must not worry about this and do not give up. If your dog does not get the desired response from the crate, simply remove it and try again another time.

There are many advantages to crate training your puppy. It will keep them safe and secure. If your puppy has an accident in their crate, you should not have any problems cleaning it up. Most importantly, if you see your puppy in their crate, it means they like it and want to spend more time there. This is your cue to start crate training.

There is really no use to cage your puppy at daycare if you don’t want it. You should be getting your puppy home daily so you want to keep them safe. If you cannot bring them inside immediately, you should set aside thirty minutes for each hour that they are alone. Once you see that they are settling in fine, you can go back to letting them be with you. This is one of the most humane ways to crate a puppy at daycare. Hopefully this article has helped you determine if it cruel to crate a puppy at daycare.

I would encourage you to call the daycare and find out what their policy is. If they do not offer one, I would suggest that you look somewhere else for your puppy. Daycares have to make money or they would go out of business. The last thing that you would want is for your puppy to be traumatized because he or she was left in a daycare. I would recommend that you look at more than just the facilities and policies as well.

Another consideration is the staff. If the daycare staff treats your puppy in a tender, loving manner, then that could very well mean that they are treating other animals too. This could even be grounds for a lawsuit. I would also suggest asking other parents of other children who have taken care of their puppies. You will probably come up with quite a few different opinions.

The best way to decide is to ask yourself how you feel about the topic. If you are torn between two options, I would suggest going with the crate. The puppy will thank you for it later. Just make sure that if you are a new puppy owner, that you ask a lot of questions and do your research before buying your first puppy.

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