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Know How to Make Dog Food For Your Picky eater

A lot of dog owners are asking the question, is wet dog food safe for dogs? If you are one of them, it is time to find out the answer. Are the latest recipes really healthy or not? With the recent developments in the pet industry, there has been more awareness about what your dog needs.

The dog food companies have realized that many dog owners have problems with the current commercial brands. Dry dog food is high in fat and calories and dogs that are constantly fed with this dry diet aren’t getting the nutrients they need. Some of the commercial brands even contain harmful chemicals that could be detrimental to dogs with allergies. However, the new wet dog food lines from several manufacturers are changing the scenario.

Most dog food companies switch to using more natural ingredients and healthier preservatives, such as organic and whole grains. The pet store brands use cheaper grains, which are also higher in protein. It’s no secret that most dogs don’t like the taste of dry dog food. Wet dog food gives your dog the taste of fresh food in a very small amount of space. Furthermore, most pet store brands only offer canned dog food, not wet or moist food. This is good because wet food is cheaper, but that doesn’t mean it’s any better.

Most brands of wet dog food use cheap preservatives like BHA and BHT, which contribute to allergies and health problems. You want your dog to get the vitamins, minerals and nutrients he needs, not just cheap artificial ingredients. The following ingredients should be found in every pet store brand and you should make sure you’re getting the best of the best.

If you look online for the ingredients in wet dog food, you will find a lot of formulas that have been created by those with no formal cooking experience, but who claim to know what they’re doing. If you don’t pay attention to the list of ingredients, then you may be getting a formula that has some ingredients that you’d rather not put in your dog’s formula at all. There are many great balanced meal recipes available online that you can follow and that will provide your dog with everything he needs to be happy and healthy.

One of the most important things that wet dog food contains is quality proteins. Unfortunately, this is often overlooked by manufacturers. If the food contains nothing but low quality proteins, then your dog will suffer from kidney failure or other health problems. High quality proteins like beef, chicken and fish are essential to the growth and health of your dogs. Your dog needs the right balance of these proteins in his formula to ensure he gets all the nutrients he needs. You may even be able to get a lower priced puppy formula with higher quality proteins.

Another thing that many manufacturers don’t take into account is the fact that many dogs have a high moisture content. High moisture content can make it difficult for your dog to digest his food, thus causing him to chew on his food as much as he can. Instead of giving your dog high moisture content food, picky eaters are dogs who have a hard time digesting dry food. This is usually due to poor water intake, lack of exercise and because they prefer meaty foods over a lot of the other dog food.

The best dog food is the kind that contains quality meat, whole grains, high moisture content and vegetables. A good example would be a premium blend of chicken, turkey and brown rice, which are high in protein, but low in fat and sodium. For your puppy, a high quality dog food mixed with fresh vegetables like peas and carrots is a great option because it will prevent your pup from being overweight. By being proactive about making sure you feed your dog the best dog food, you will not only help your pet live a healthy, happy and long life, but you will also be contributing to his proactive health.

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