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Learning How to Cure Distemper in Dogs

One of the most tragic and infectious diseases that dogs can contract is distemper. It is highly contagious and dogs can end up getting it from other dogs, as well as people. The question on everyone’s mind is how to cure distemper in dogs. There are a few options available and there are new drugs being developed all the time.

One method that has been used for how to cure distemper in dogs is using the puffer fish oil. The theory behind this theory is that the oil will stop the virus from replicating. Studies have shown that the oil does have this effect, but it may not be the best treatment for your dog. Also, distemper is caused by a virus and not necessarily a bacteria. You could end up making the problem a lot worse. It is recommended that you speak with your vet about these new treatments, especially if your dog already has an illness such as pneumonia or lymphoma.

Another new treatment for distemper in dogs is the MVAX. This is an anti-parasitic, that should be given to your dog every two weeks. The problem is that the condition doesn’t go away on it’s own. If you think your dog might be suffering from distemper, a visit to the vet is definitely in order. In the mean time, there are a few simple steps you can take to try and lessen the severity of the symptoms.

Make sure that your dogs are eating plenty of high grade protein. This is the best way to prevent the condition from becoming worse. High protein diets are effective because they stimulate the body’s natural immune system. This allows the body to start fighting off the infection. When it is under control, you can start thinking about how to cure distemper in dogs.

Make sure that your dog receives all of the proper medical attention when diagnosed with distemper in dogs. Distemper can be fatal and you want the best care available. It is also important that the condition is treated properly. You wouldn’t want to treat your dog for a mild case of the condition and then have to give it some kind of surgery to correct the issue. Not only would you risk your dog’s life, but you may be setting your pet up for even bigger problems later down the road.

If your dog does get diagnosed with the condition, then the first step on how to cure distemper in dogs would be the vaccination. No matter how healthy the dog is, if it hasn’t been vaccinated against this condition by the age of six months, it is considered inadequate. The condition will not spread to other dogs or humans. The vaccination will give your dog a dose of preventative medication, which it needs every year. In addition, distemper vaccination will give you peace of mind knowing that your dog is protected against this rare condition.

Once you understand how to cure distemper in dogs properly, you need to understand the importance of regular check-ups. This is not only for your dog, but for yourself as well. By keeping an eye on your dog’s health, you can identify any problems early and help your dog get the treatment that he or she needs before they have time to become serious.

Your veterinarian can give you helpful information on how to cure distemper in dogs. If you are still wondering how this disease is transmitted to dogs, make sure you ask your vet if your pet has been in any other outbreaks before. Some strains of distemper are not contagious at all, so you don’t have to worry about that. However, some types are highly contagious, so you need to be careful if you want to prevent your dog from getting distemper. A vet can also answer any other questions or concerns you might have regarding this condition.

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