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Raw Diet For Dogs

Have you wondered if a raw diet for dogs is good for your dog? Many people believe that dogs on a raw diet will have more energy and be less prone to disease. Let’s examine some facts about raw diet for dogs and see if they hold up under close examination.

Raw feeding is essentially the process of feeding domesticated dogs, mostly cats and other pets, a diet usually consisting of raw bone, edible bones and organs. The components used to formulate raw diet for dogs can range from a combination of dried, whole, muscle meat to just about anything your can cook or boil down. Organ meats such as liver and kidney are a common inclusion in raw diets. Because organ meats contain vitamins, minerals and trace elements that dog need, these organs are often the only source of nutrition.

Another myth is that raw dog food will help your dog have better digestion and immune system function. One nutrient that is often included in dog food is “flax seed.” While flax seed does contain some linoleic acid, it is not an essential fatty acid. Feeding your dog a raw diet may actually make their digestive system work harder to digest all the food. This could potentially lead to gastrointestinal problems and allergies.

Some people believe that a raw diet for dogs is safer than commercially prepared diets. The main argument against this is the fact that bones have been removed. Since the bones are no longer needed, there is a chance that internal parasites and bacterial infections will be more likely to flourish. Additionally, feeding dogs bones causes a deficiency in dietary calcium, which can lead to dental problems.

Some proponents of raw diets believe that feeding dogs kibble will be healthier for them because they are not subjected to the same processing as they would be in a commercial food. However, studies have shown that feeding kibble can actually cause more harm than good. In fact, studies have shown that raw diets tend to last longer and provide your dog with more nutrients than do commercially prepared diets. In addition, kibble has been known to contain a wide range of harmful ingredients including fillers, byproducts, and meat byproducts.

Along with the above mentioned myths, many people think that raw diets for dogs are unhealthy because dogs are carnivores and their bodies need meat in order to be healthy. While there is definitely a balance between the right amount of protein and carbohydrates, carnivores do require a certain amount of fat. Therefore, providing your dog with raw meat or bones can actually be beneficial for their health since the raw meat will help stimulate the health of their immune system. Raw meat will also help regulate blood sugar and can boost their immune system.

While commercial diets may seem easier to prepare and use, they can actually be more harmful for your dog. The commercial diet does not provide your dog with the correct amounts of vitamins and minerals. It also does not provide your dog with the necessary vitamins and minerals that are needed during their growing phase. Furthermore, the commercial pet foods available on the market are usually filled with byproducts, which are detrimental to all dogs. If you feed your dog a commercially prepared food diet, you are essentially inviting sickness to your dog and setting them up for future disease.

A raw diet for dogs is the best way to ensure the health of your dog and to keep them strong and healthy for many years to come. In addition to providing them with the necessary vitamins and minerals, it will also provide them with all of the essential amino acids and omega fatty acids needed for a balanced immune system. Furthermore, it will give them all of the B vitamins needed to maintain a healthy heart, proper eyesight, and strong joints. Feeding raw diets to your dog will provide them with an easy, consistent way to get all of the nutrients they need to live a long, healthy, productive life. Once you see the results for yourself, you will wonder why you did not try this sooner.

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