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Selecting the Right Type of Dog Grooming Supplies

So which dog grooming supplies are right to use, and where should you store and which one should you not? What kind of dog grooming supplies do you need right now, and what kind will wait? Do you need a dog bath, dog shampoo or a dog comb, or maybe a nail clipper? There are so many dog supplies out there today, what is the best way to sort it all out?

Well, let’s start with the dog grooming brush. A dog brush will help keep your coats smooth and shiny. This helps prevent matting, tangling and hair loss. In addition, a quality dog brush stimulates blood circulation which helps to improve your dog’s overall health. Besides, if you brushed your own teeth then you would know what I am talking about.

Let’s talk about dog trainers. You may think that dog trainers are only for show dogs or for those that look like they go to the dog show, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, dog trainers can and do help make bathing your dog much easier, sometimes it’s not really a matter of whether you use a trainer or not, but how well you use the tool.

The next dog grooming supply that is very important is a high quality brush. One that will grab the attention of your dog as it walks by. A dog groomer should use a wide variety of grooming tools on each dog. He or she will usually have two types of brushes, a flat brush and a high-speed grooming brush. Some brushes are made with kneaded handles that give the dog the feeling that his or her fur is being smoothed. And the kneaded handles can make your dog feel good.

Next on the dog grooming tub list are the dog wash. Again, there are many types of dog wash to choose from. My recommendation would be to find one that is easy to operate. My four dogs all bathed at the same place so I know the dog wash I use comes with great functionality. If you’re dog wash is too difficult to operate than you may want to consider a dog wash with separate taps, soap dispensers, and brushes that are easier to clean out.

My fourth dog grooming supply is shampoo and conditioner. Many groomers use their own brand of shampoo and conditioner. It’s just good practice, so I wouldn’t say no if they are using a good brand. I have learned though, that if you are going to groom your own dogs you will need the conditioner to help keep their fur healthy.

My last dog wash and grooming supply brushes. Now, I prefer electric grooming brushes because they don’t pull the hair. I prefer metal ones as well because they grip the pet better. Some pet grooming experts still recommend a comb but I think it’s unnecessary. Any good pet groomer should be able to provide you with both a brush and a comb for your fur babies.

Doggy’s can get pretty dirty. You may not be able to wash them as often as you would like to. This is why having a dog tub can be such a big deal. You can take your dog into the dog tub and let them soak for up to an hour. Then you can give them a hose or a spray to clean themselves down and you won’t have to worry about it for another hour or so. The best part is, your dog will look better than ever!

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