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Should I Take My Dog To Vacation Kennel Cough Or Go Home?

Kennel cough or Foehn’s syndrome is a dog disease that is caused by bacteria that get into the dogs’ lungs. These bacteria are called anaerobic bacteria, which means that they thrive in places where there is little air or none at all. That’s what you’ll usually find happening in kennels and veterinary hospitals across the US. The symptoms of this dog disease include breathing problems, coughing, and even pneumonia in severe cases. A lot of people treat their dogs with cough syrup, but you should know that you should not do it. You should consult your vet before doing it.

Cough syrups work by creating a slushy liquid that will help your dog to breathe easier. However, they do not treat the main cause of this health problem. In fact, they may make your dog’s condition worse. Instead, you should consider a few natural remedies that will cure your dog’s cough without having to resort to medication.

One of these remedies is the use of cough drops. These drops are made of green tea mixed with herbs and Cayenne pepper. This mixture gives off a wonderful odor that can help soothe your dog’s symptoms and even help them recover faster from the illness. Simply bring your dog to the vet and give them the mixture. You can also get them to drink the mixture.

Since the main symptom of this illness is coughing, the treatment works best when used together with medications. If you have a dog that has had this type of illness before, you know that your dog will be much easier to treat if you have already tried treating the symptoms. If you haven’t treated the illness before, however, you will need to first wait for it to go away before you give your dog medication.

Since coughing can be caused by bacteria in your dog’s lungs, you should also consider treating the sickness with medications. Give your dog a full dose of medications while he is still coughing as the medication will then begin to work on getting rid of the bacteria that causes the cough. If your dog seems to be improving, then you should begin to slowly give him additional medications.

The symptoms of your dog’s illness should not only go away but they should go away quickly. Unfortunately, they rarely do. It is recommended that you take your dog to the vet for a clean bill of health every year. Make sure that you get all the necessary vaccinations and checkups for your dog. This will prevent your pet from catching any diseases that might come along with a poor health.

You should also contact your vet for a more in-depth exam if you see any signs of pneumonia, lung disease or other illnesses. These are things that your dog can contract if he is exposed to a serious cough from another dog. You should also ask your vet about giving your dog cough syrup. Although it is not advisable to give your dog medicines unless your vet says that it is medically necessary, many dogs do have allergies. In such cases, medicine is not an option but good veterinary care is.

If your dog is showing symptoms of a respiratory sickness, you should immediately bring your dog to the vet. The sooner the treatment starts, the less the illness has a chance to progress. You should also contact your vet for a checkup if you see any changes in the mucous secretions of your dog. While coughing can seem harmless to humans, to dogs it can be deadly.

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