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Should You Cover A Dog Crate During A Night

So you just got home with your new puppy and they are going to be staying in their dog crate for a few weeks. That is fine and then it is time to get them out so they can go outside to do their business. But what if you have no idea how to get them out? Well that is when you will need some dog crate covering ideas.

Some dogs like to sleep in their dog crate all the time. They love being in there and sleeping there, but some of these dogs need to go to the bathroom during the night or longer. If you let them stay in there all night they can really become a mess.

Some dogs might even urinate or defecate inside their dog crate. If this happens you will really need to clean up the mess that they make. But why cover a dog crate during the night?

One of the main reasons that dogs urinate or defecate during the night is because they don’t want to get out. When dogs are chained up most of the time they are miserable. They feel like they are just stuck in one spot all day. That is why dogs often sleep in their dog crate. They are afraid to go out because they might be caught by someone who wants to come and take them to jail. So they will just lay in their dog crate until someone comes who wants to take them to the dog park.

Then at night they might be barking at anyone who comes by. The next morning the dog might smell so bad that the person that is coming to get them is going to think that the dog has urinated on them. So that is why some dogs urinate or defecate during the night.

Another reason that dogs do this is because they are bored. Most dogs like to be in a dog crate all day. But if the dog has nothing to do then they will just lie around all day. Then at night they will want to get out of their crate to go play.

So should you cover a dog crate during a night time? Well, you should if your dog is urinating and defecating all night long. This might be a sign that your dog has an infection in its anal area. Or it could be something that your dog is eating. If you find that your dog has an infection then you should get it to the vet right away.

Most dogs just have accidents during the night because they are bored. If you take them out every day and let them in the crate then they will eventually learn that it is not OK to lie around. But if they don’t get that early conditioning then they might just lay around all day. When dogs have accidents then you should take them outside immediately and tell them where to go. Then you should take them back inside so that they know not to do that again.

So why does your dog need to be covered during the night? Well if your dog has an accident during the day and you don’t want it lying around then you need to put it in a dog crate. Dogs need to be kept warm and dry during the winter months. They also need to have someplace that they can hide so that they are not constantly being nervous or having issues with going out.

Some dogs like to have their food and water bowl by their crate. Some like to have their toys by their crate. You should let your dog decide what kind of accommodations they need. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.

When should you cover a dog crate during a night? Well, you should do it at least once a week if your dog stays outdoors most of the time. If your dog stays inside most of the time and you never take them outside then you should only use the crate for those times when you are taking them outside.

Some dogs may have medical issues where they cannot hold their bladder during the day. This will require you to cover the crate during the night. The problem with this is that the dog could end up urinating in the floor of the crate and end up having an accident. The next time you have to take them outside they will not be able to hold their bladder and could end up urinating on the floor. You don’t want this to happen because it could end up leading to infection in the dog’s lower urinary tract.

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