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Teaching Your Dog Simple Commands To Teach Your Dog At An Early Age

To help you achieve just that and get your dog on the road to learning these commands, I’ll show you how to teach your dog these five commands and discuss the importance of repetition in dog training. Read on to find out more! Dog training is not a walk in the park, or a child’s play. It is a necessary part of owning and raising a dog. So it is essential that you know the commands to teach your dog and make sure that your dog has them mastered before too long.

So what commands to teach your dog? There are several, but we will start with the most important one: sit. Teaching your dog to sit takes some patience, so don’t expect it to happen the first time you try it. However, with repetition, your pup will learn to sit on command. Repetition is vital because dogs have a natural tendency to move around, especially when they are hungry and need to take a drink.

When training your dog to sit, reward him with his favorite treat and praise him intensely when he complies. Do not give him a treat every time he sits and keep him on a leash while he goes to the toilet. Dogs are very clean animals and they do not like having their waste left behind. Also, you don’t want to confuse your pet and end up giving him more treats than he can handle, as this can lead to serious confusion.

The next commands to teach your dog are the basic dog commands to teach your dog are: stand, come, heel and sit. These commands are taught through positive reinforcement and repetition, and the key to success is to continue practicing as often as possible. It is important that you keep your pooch on a leash at all times, even if you are not going out of town. With dogs that are hyperactive, it is especially important to always keep him on a leash when outdoors.

To teach these commands, hold the treat above your dog’s head and give the command to sit or stand. As soon as your pup sits or stands on cue, give the leash a gentle tug as a reward for obeying the command. Do not punish him for not following the command, and do not scold him. He may just be embarrassed by you pointing at him and giving the leash a tug. After your dog has successfully followed the command several times, make sure to reward him with some sort of praise, either through praise alone, or by letting him know he did a good job.

One of the most important commands to teach your dog is the sit command. Because you will be using positive reinforcement training methods to train your dog, you must be consistent in your dog training. If you only work on one aspect of dog training at a time, instead of focusing on all aspects at once, you will waste a lot of time. Great dog training methods to teach your dog this command is to use treats.

Using treats as a useful command to teach your dog is simple. You can begin by holding the treat above your dog’s head and give the command to sit. When he obeys, you can then give the dog a treat and praise for a job well done. Repeat this exercise several times, and before you know it, your pooch will be able to sit whenever you give the command.

By starting training early age and using positive reinforcement training methods, you can quickly and efficiently increase the number of basic commands you can teach your dog. In fact, with patience and consistency, you can easily teach your dog many new tricks, besides the standard sit, stay, heel, down, and come commands. Your dog can be an amazing companion and a great joy to have around, but it takes time to become a well-trained member of the family.

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