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Teaching Your Dog To Heel At The Drop Of A Hat

Teaching your dog how to heel can be one of the most important dog training techniques you can employ. Sticking with your dog’s basic instinct to move his front leg away from you when walking can be frustrating, to say the least. The first step in dog heeling is teaching him the basic heel position. For most dogs, sitting on the left leg will suffice, but for some dogs getting the right heel posture takes time (usually months). To get your dog in the proper heel position, use a treats laced with praise to coax him into your side. Dog heeling is about more than just teaching your dog how to heal…

Reward Training. This training technique is an excellent way to reinforce positive behaviors in dogs. One great way to motivate your dog and help him remember what you want him to do is to give him a treat whenever he complies with your command. You can use a combination of verbal praise and treats when teaching this training technique.

Dog Heeling. It’s one thing to tell him to heel, it’s another to make it interesting for him. Use funny or cute treats to do this part of dog training. When you are out with your dog, make sure you practice his heel command. Has your dog to walk beside you, not behind you, in the same direction each time you practice. You should also use the treats for good behavior.

If your dog has a habit of jumping on people or on the couch, offer him a treat when he stops his forward motion. This will teach him that it’s not rewarded with treats if he stops suddenly. You can also try to quick heel past him. This requires that you keep walking ahead of him while you call him by name.

Two Step Heeling. This is a more advanced dog obedience training technique. It requires both your verbal commands and the dog heel past each other. To begin this technique, you need to know that the dog heel must come from the left hand side. As your dog gets used to approaching from the left hand side, you can move to the right side. Then, give your dog a treat as you walk past.

Pay Attention When Your Dog Heels Past You. If your dog continues to follow you without paying attention, ignore him. If you ignore him, he will expect that you will still be paying attention when he moves out of the way. The best way to teach your dog that you are still the leader is to pay attention whenever he moves out of your path. Praise him for moving in the correct direction.

Normal Pace For A Dog. This dog training tip may take some time, but is extremely important. Your dog understands that you are leading by example so if you are in a meeting or you are going to walk somewhere, you should be leading with your body language and not by your voice. By having your body communicate with your dog that you are leading with your voice, he will learn to view you as the leader. Pay close attention to your dog’s stride when he is approaching and you will notice that he is slowing down as he gets closer to you.

Training Your Service Dog. In most cases, you will not need to do anything different than what you would normally do with your other pets. However, sometimes it may become necessary to train your service dog differently. A service dog is someone who helps people with disabilities. Sometimes the service dog has to call out for help from the person it is serving. Since your dog is trained to do this, you can use treats as a reward for him when he is performing these helpful tasks.

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