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Teaching Your Dog to Stay and Say Okay

Teaching your dog to sit is probably one of the easiest dog commands to teach your dog, thus making it an excellent one to begin with. Dogs that know the Sit command are usually much easier and calmer to handle than dogs that are not taught this easy command. If you do not have much experience in dog training, or if you simply want to take it easy, teaching your dog the sit command should be no problem at all. There are many different ways to teach your dog this important skill. In fact, with just a little practice, it should not take long before you have your dog sitting on command!

One way to teach your dog the sit command is to use treats as incentives for your dog’s obedience. Instead of rewarding your dog with a treat every time he obeys the command, try pairing him with a small treat when he performs the right action. He will quickly begin to understand that if he gets a treat for standing when he is supposed to sit, then he has truly earned his reward.

Training your dog how to sit requires more than just using treats. Although treats work well in conjunction with other dog training techniques, they are not the only way to go. In fact, it is actually quite counterproductive to use treats as incentives for your dog’s obedience. Because dogs are naturally greedy creatures, they will often times respond negatively to ‘trick’ or punishment based commands such as the sit command.

The best way to get your dog to understand the sit commands to teach your dog is to use your voice. This works better than treats, because treats are too easily swallowed, which could make your dog reluctant to obey your commands. When you say your commands in a calm, soothing voice, your pup will subconsciously understand that you mean what you say, and he will sit properly.

Also, always start your dog’s training sessions with lots of affection. Dogs love affection, and it will make him eager to please you. If you start out by giving him the basic petting and hugging, he will start to associate good behavior with getting hugs and petting from you, and he will want to do the same when you give him a treat or a toy after he follows the commands to teach your dog the sit command.

It is important that you always enforce the basic commands while training your dog. Never use the basic commands as rewards for good behavior. This will only confuse your dog, and he could become confused between good behavior and attention, leading to confusion on the street. Always use training as a method to show affection, teach him tricks, and exercising control over your dog. Using your voice with your pet is also an effective way of using positive reinforcement during training sessions.

To teach your dog the sit command, first stand several feet away from your dog, then extend your arms out towards the ground, and have your dog sit or lie down next to you, then put your hands up above your head and praise calmly while your pup keeps his nose to the ground. Praise your dog whenever he lies down, stays in one position, and then stands up. Repeat this exercise several times, and you’ll soon see that your dog will look forward to getting some praise or love, even when you are not around. In no time at all, you will begin to notice that your dog has a much easier time following simple commands such as sit and stay when you give them praise, especially when you spend some time praising him each time he goes outside.

It takes time to train your puppy, and you should never expect to have your dog completely mastered in a single lesson. You should take your time and be patient. It’s possible to go through several training sessions before your dog gets it, so just be patient. Practice a few words command to teach your dog okay and a few commands to teach your dog to stay and a few times a day, then just do it all over again. Keep on repeating the exercises until you are able to say okay and stay anytime your dog needs you to. If your dog understands that you mean “OK” every time you say those words, he will never get confused and will always listen when you command him.

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